How Pastors use me in performing fake miracles ~ Woman confesses

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A 44 year- old woman, Mrs Bose Olasun­kanmi has been arrested by the po­lice on allegation that she connived with alleged fraud­ulent pastors to perform fake miracles with intent to swin­dle unsuspecting members of the public.

She was arrested by the operatives of the Inspector- General of Police Intelligence Response Team (IRT).

Sources revealed that Ola­sukanmi would relocate to other churches after every successful operation to avoid being detected.

It was gathered that she had allegedly performed the act in various churches in­cluding Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abakaliki before she was finally arrested.

When the bubble burst, Olasukanmi was said to have gone into hiding.

It was gathered that the pastors often made videos of how they performed the fake miracles before the unsus­pecting congregations, who watched her being healed of feigned ailment.

Further investigation revealed that as soon as she entered the church, she would pretend that she had a broken right arm, adding that all medical efforts to heal her both in orthodox and traditional medicines proved abortive, until one of her friends that that attend­ed the church, advised her to come and worship in their church for her healings and deliverance.

At this point, it was re­vealed, one of the minister­ing pastors or the General Overseer would step forward and demonstrate as if the Holy Spirit had entered him.

After speaking in tongues for close to 10 minutes, he would order the woman to come very close to him, while the congregation would be anxiously waiting to see the broken right arm healed.

He then asked the woman. Do you want to be healed? Are you born again? He then tells her to say after him. “I believe in Jesus Christ, the son of God and that he died to set me free,” among others.

Thereafter, he orders the evil spirit that held her cap­tive to leave her.

As he was ordering the evil spirit to depart, the hang­ing broken right arm will be coming down gradually until it completely straitened.

It was revealed that after that, the woman will no lon­ger come to the church, but would be spotted in some oth­er churches with the same problem and pastors per­forming the same miracle.

Worried by the failure of the various law enforcement agents that information about the dubious act of the lady was given, and the nefar­ious activities of the pastors, attention was shifted to the commander of the IRT, Abba Kyari, a Deputy Commis­sioner of police.

DCP Kyari was said to have directed the Southwest Coordinator of IRT, Philip Rieninwa, a Chief Superin­tendent of Police (CSP) to fish out the woman from her hideout in order to get the fraudulent pastors, church workers and others who played one role or the other in the scam.

Mrs. Olasukanmi was ar­rested and brought to Lagos where she confessed to the crime.

She promised to lead the police to the pastors and all the people who played dif­ferent roles in the scam to regain her freedom.

When interviewed, Olasu­kanmi said: “I am from Ile­sha, Osun state. I am married. I had three children. Unfor­tunately two died few hours after delivery. My husband loved, unfortunately, when he died, my life changed and I started suffering as every­body abandoned me.

I was walking on the road one evening, a vehicle that had brake failure knocked me down, and broke my right arm and left leg, with minor injuries all over my body.

I had no money to treat myself as the driver aban­doned me later.

After the accident every­body abandoned me and I had no money to continue to pay for a room.

It was under this condition that I met a woman friend. I met her in 2008. Her name is Fatila Musa.

One day, she took me to her church and told me that the church had a 2- month program that would start from September to October and she would like me to ac­company her.

When I accepted, she told me that I should use what I have to get what I want.

I did not understand what she meant by using what I have as woman to get what I want considering what the accident had done to me.

She then told me that what I have can help me to get what I wanted and that thing I have is my broken right arm.

I then asked her how? She said: “l will teach you how to carry your hand and how to bring it down so that the congregation will believe you and when I collect the money for the role you played it will be reasonable.

After a day rehearsal I will take you to a pastor at Calvary Close, in Ogba area of Lagos.

The first day I performed I got N9,000.

Life became sweet as they were happy with my perfor­mance, but when people started gossiping that police may raid the place one day, the pastor told members to carry me away fast any time I finished my performance.

When the suspicion be­came too much, they started substituting my role with video recorded performance.

In 2009, she carried me to a church in Port Harcourt. I performed in three churches in the three days we stayed there and one of the church­es is owned by one Pastor Okafor. The same year we moved to Abakiliki area of Ebonyi State.

I am a Muslim but the pastor, will only ask me to bring my hand down and I will start bringing it down as if his power was the thing bringing it down.

When I was in Lagos, she used to come and carry me in my rented one room apartment at Igando area of Lagos but in Port Harcourt and Abakaliki, she puts me in one of the rooms in the church premises.

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