(Lyrics) Proszoo – Life Circle

You can’t be taller taller

And be shorter than me ji

At the same time 

Fatter than me

 Or you should be slimmer than me

You gat to choose one one out of this

Activating all the works and the deeds

Brother man gat to focus on this

Make life he for better for me

Goodness ati prosperity

Sebi ohun toba de lamo

Eyi to bo a o mo Bose feri   (jejeje)

 As he go be oyeh

Sebi lala torokeIle naa Loma pada wasi

So I change ham for thee

Reason why I stay focus

 Non stop

Cause I’m aiming higher

The road seems so rough

So tight

One day we gonna get there

Patient  is the way we move forward

Low key ore ti o common


I trow for corner

So ye omomi abaka je

Everyday we living life o

We enjoying life o

As we keep on rising

We shall never fall o

Na who say you no know (na who say you no know)

Say you fit cruise for London

Vacation inside Dubai

And cruising in Cyprus

Sebi na to stay cool

And to stay calm

If one way no come

Another way go sure

Na better days

Everyone fight for

Obe tia se

Yoo sama jinaa

Sama jinaa naaah naaah

Sama jinaa naaah naaah

Uhh uhh uhh orh

Sebi ohun toba de lamo(Ohun toba de lamo)

 Eyi to bo a o mo Bose feri  (Bose feri)

 As he go be (As he go be be)

 Sebi lala toroke(Lala toroke)

 Ile naa Loma pada wasi(Pada wasi)

 So I change ham for thee

Life na rollercoaster

All eyes on me

Sama jinaa naaah naaah

Sama jinaa naaah naaah

Uhh uhh uhh orh

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