Quotes about fake friends

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Here are some cute and smart quotes and sayings about fake friends;

  • The worst thing about betrayal is the fact that it never comes from an enemy. Only a friend can betray you
  • The most toxic people who poison your life often come under the disguise of loving and caring friends and family
  • You don’t need to chase the fake and try to expose it. The time will come and it will be exposed by itself
  • Search for real reasons to cut off fake people and never use fake reasons to cut off the true ones
  • Who are your fakest friends? These are the ones who remember about your existence only when they need something from you
  • Fake people are surrounded with lies and cannot live without fakeness. If you start to speak out your true emotions on their behavior, you will immediately see them fade away
  • Appreciate your time.Life is too short to waste it on fake butter, fake cheese or fake people
  • Being alone does not always mean being lonely. Yet, being circled by fake and wrong people will make one the loneliest person in the world
  • When you win in something, keep an eye on people who don’t clap
  • When you discover that somebody has two faces, the best thing you can do is turn around and never trust either of those faces
  • People rarely change. More often they just reveal their true selves
  • Fake people always have a certain image which they maintain day and night. Real people are free because they have nothing like this to care about
  • There are so many fake people around me that their fakeness is no longer able to surprise me. Loyalty is, instead
  • Some people smile a lot when they are with you. Beware! They may frown a lot behind your back
  • Fake friends are never around to help you. Instead, they give a lot of their energy to drill holes in your boat, ruin your motivation and do everything to turn you down
  • Even when you sleep, keep your eye open. You can never be sure, you should never take what you have for granted. Even the best of your friends can once turn out to be your most evil enemies
  • Pretend one day that you have gone completely poor. You will see how many so-called friends will leave and how few will remain to lend you a hand and help you get back to your feet
  • When you decide to share your feelings, emotions and problems with a person, you should always remember that not everyone around you is your best friend
  • Keep your tongue tied because most of those who are your friends today will go telling out your secrets when you are no longer friends tomorrow
  • I’d more appreciate the ones who are brave enough to say everything they think about me in my face rather than saying compliments into my face and talking dirt behind my back
  • What is worse, an evil beast or a fake friend? A beast is able to hurt your body but a fake friend is able to ruin your soul
  • Just one friend who is with you during the hardest times is worth a hundred ones who are with you only when it’s pleasant to them
  • False friendship is the same with ivy, which ruins everything it’s attached to. Yet, true friendship is like a strong support, which gives life and strength to everything attached to it
  • False friends who keep talking about me behind my back will be much surprised to see the Lord blessing me right in front of them
  • You may think that having enemies is the worst thing that can ever happen to you in this world but it’s simply until you get a fake friend who will be several times as horrible
  • A person who tells good things about you may one day be the same person who brings you down. Make sure that you know whom you call a friend.
  • Some friends are real. Some friends are good. Some friends are real good at being as fake as possible
  • There’s nothing to lose. You don’t lose, you gain when you get rid of fake friends
  • When something bad happens in your life, you will always know who your true friends are
  • If you have an enemy, don’t fear an attack. Fear a hug from your false friend
  • As we grow older, we start to understand that having a crowd of friends means nothing. Having one but real means everything
  • True friends are the ones who help you when you need help. They will always find time and energy. Fake friends will always find a reason why they can’t help you
  • Sometimes it happens that people really don’t change. They just stop holding tight to their masks
  • Fake friends believe in what the rumor tells. True friends believe in what you say
  • Fake friends reveal their true inner self when they have already taken from you everything they needed
  • True friends have the heart to tell you the truth whatever it is. Fake ones will always be plotting behind your back
  • A fake friend doesn’t mind when you are doing fine. Everything begins when you start to do better than he does!
  • There comes the time when you need to break up with some people. Not just because you don’t care but because they don’t
  • When you lose a friend, it’s not a loss. True friends are never lost. The ones you lose are under a disguise and you will definitely do better without them
  • True friends are the ones who cry when you leave them. Fake friends are the ones who leave you when you cry.
  • When you grow up, you realize that not all friends are true friends, indeed
  • True friends speak to you and into your face. Fake friends speak about you and behind your back
  • Just hanging around with you doesn’t make people your real friends, so don’t give them too much trust. Only a rainy day reveals true friends and discovers pretenders as well
  • Fake friends are like penny coins. They are worthless and have two faces
  • They are like shadows, those fake friends. When you are in the sun, they are around you, and when you need to step into the dark, they immediately leave you
  • The five things I’m so dreadfully tired of are fake friends, liars, drama, being ignored, and being hurt
  • It’s better to have a dozen of open enemies than one fake friend under disguise
  • You should stay real and loyal or leave me alone
  • Fake friends crowd around you when they are sure you are cool. True friends will not leave you even if they are sure you are a fool
  • It’s funny how you try to be nice when I’m watching you. It’s even more hilarious how you try to talk rubbish behind my back. It’s absolutely comical how sure you are that I’m not aware
  • Beware of fake friends! They are like leaves that have fallen from trees, scattered everywhere
  • It’s not the loss of a friend that I have survived. It’s the realization that I have never had one
  • Some real hard times are helpful… when you need to realize who your true friend is
  • A true friend will listen when you talk about your problems and try to help you. A fake one will make his own ones sound bigger than yours.

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