Sergio Aguero reveals who he wants to win the next ballon d’or

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Sergio Aguero says Lionel Messi is his pick for the Balon d’Or – and not somebody from the Champions League final.
It had been reported that Aguero stated that the winner of the award should be someone playing in the Champions League final this year but the Man City striker took to Twitter to refute those claims.
“I don’t enjoy having to clarify my statements – but when I’m quoted for things I haven’t said, it must be done,” he said.
“I’ll spell it out then. No one other than Messi will be my pick for the Balon d’Or as long as he keeps on playing – particularly if he plays like he did this season.
“The question put forward to me was whether I should win the award myself this year. My reply was that I should have reached the CL finals if I wished to deserve it. Couldn’t be clearer, and there shouldn’t have been room for misinterpretation.”

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