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Episode 9

Bella opened her eyes only to find herself in a dark room.
No sign of light was there, the room was so dark.
She tried to stand up but couldn’t, that was when she realized that she was being tied to a chair.
“Who is here?
“Why am I here?
she yelled faintly but her voice could not be heard.
Alex has been trying Steve number for several times but no response.
he wondered where he could be that he is not picking his calls.
He locked his office, enter his car and zoom off to Steve house.
on getting there he was told about what transpired between him and his father.
Alex is Steve best friend since childhood, so he knew everything about.
Immediately he was told about what happened between Steve and his father.
He knew exactly that Steve is in the beach relaxing because that’s where he always goes when he is angry or in love.
He left the house driving to the beach, on getting there he saw someone lying lifeless alone and the body looks like Steve own.
“Steve! he shouted running out of his car to where he lay.
“Please talk to me I’m here
He said
Steve eyes was open, he only loss blood. they shot him on the arm.
Steve stood up with the help of Alex.
“They have taken her” he said
“Who have they taken and who took the person ?Alex asked
“They have taken Bella and I must find her now”he said and stood up not minding the pain he is going through.
“Calm down bro, you need to be treated first before anything…..
“To hell with treatment, I said I must find Bella first “
“But ….
“No buts….. Steve interrupted
“Fine, but what about your dad when he hear that you are wounded?
“Leave that old man he will be fine.
He open his car door and enter while Alex entered his own wondering whether he will be able to drive with his hurtful arm.
Alex dad was known to be the most millionaire, even Steve father is not a match to him.
Alex is his only son while he lost his daughter when she was 4 years.
Bella was tired of shouting, she was really hungry and weak.
the door to where she was tied to had 5 good securities guarding the door with their lives as if they are guarding the president daughter.
The leader was sitting in the other side if the house that was so expensively beautiful when a call came in and it was from the person that sent them.
He pick on first beep
“How’s it? the caller ask
“It’s successful sir, she’s here with us”
“Good, what about my son? I hope you didn’t harm him?
“No sir, but we only shot him on the arm so that he won’t suspect you are behind this.
“Good, but pray nothing happens to my son or else your entire generation will pay for that.
“Nothing will happen sir”
The call ended.
“Let’s see how Steve will find you, now that you are far out of the city”
You will be held captive, feed and cloth expensively until I find a high class woman for my son to marry before you are released. “he said and sip his drink.
“But honey this is not fair at all”Yhe wife complained
“What is not fair woman?
“You should allow our son to marry who ever he wishes. not because of class you will stop my son never!
“Shut up woman, what do you know? now get back into the house now! he said with venom in his voice indicating danger.
She stood up and walked briskly to her room. and shut the door forcefully.
Bella has finally been untie, still she has no idea of where she is even who wants her dead.
The door to where she is open and food was brought to her in an expensive tray filled with expensive food.
“Eat young lady “the man said
“Never will I eat this. who knows whether it’s poisoned?
“You better start eating or you will die of hunger”he said and stood up walking to the door.
Bella push the tray aside and everything shattered on the floor making it to spill on the floor.
The guy turned back and looked at her in a mockery eyes.
“You better eat anytime you are served because you are going to stay here for six months “he said and left.
Hearing that Bella started shading tears.
“It’s because of that proud ant, I must teach him a lesson when I’m out of here .
“That’s why I hate boys.
Steve got to Alex house with Alex behind him.
He still insisted to be taken to the hospital.
Alex had no option than to call his family doctor to come and treat him in his house.
“Bro, can I use your system? he asked Alex
“Sure you can
“What’s the password?
“Your name
“You must be kidding “he said and pinch his name into the system and the thing unlock
He looked up at Alex and smiled that shows how good they were.
Without wasting of time, he dip his hand in his pocket and bring out a flash drive, insert it on the system.
It loads before things started displaying on the screen.
It was the location of where Bella is kidnapped to and it was out of the city to another city entirely.
He took a breath and smile
“What’s that bro? alex ask
“I know where she is, now I can rest we will strike tomorrow “
Alex didn’t understand but had to agree with him.
Before he was shot and Bella was being taken, due to the fact that his chief security always tell him to go with his tracking device in case of an emergency.
When he was struggling with the men, he intentionally dropped the tracking device in one of their suit and they left with it not knowing its there.
That was how the location to where Bella is was track.
Steve placed a call across to his securities informing on the mission the next day to rescue Bella which they waited for the next day to come.
Steve Mom was so worried that he is not back since morning.
she placed a call to him and picked on second beep without allowing his mom to talk first.
“I’m fine mom, don’t worry I’m safe I will be back tomorrow
“Okay my son please know where you stay “
“I’m with Alex mom, so I’m save “
“That’s good, I love you my son
“I love u more Mom “he said and ended the call.

To be continued

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