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Episode 13
Steve and Alex had already began the search for Bella with a complete backup team following them.
Steve had found the location again with the help of Alex.
They were all dressed in black including Alex and Steve both in the same car with means of communication all connected to their ears in case of emergency.
Arrow and Bella has been running in the bush now still without any trace of any house.
“But you told me that soon we will reach the road, how come we are not there yet “Bella said still running.
“Relax we will get there soon “arrow replied glancing at her.
Poison were tracing them behind.
“They won’t get away let’s take this way “he said pointing to the same track Bella and arrow enter.
“There’s no way that leads to the road than this “he said and they began searching for them.
Bella stumbled and fall and arrow helped her up.
They have been running for minutes but still no sign of car nor house.
Steve was so restless inside the car they and Alex noticed it and shook his head negatively without uttering any word.
They have been driving for hours now but still hasn’t gotten to the direction yet.
Steve was in the car with a laptop on his laps that has the direction to the place.
Mr Williams sat waiting for the call from poison to know how far he has gone with executing Bella.
Meanwhile Jenifer still has not left, she is still waiting for Steve return.
Poison and his men took a short cut because of how farmaliar he knew the place.
“There they are scorpion said pointing to Bella and arrow still running.
Bella looked back and saw them
“Oh my God we are dead there they are “Bella said aloud .
“Run Bella, as fast as you can “
They kept running but poison was a bit stronger than them, so they were a little bit far from them but they were still in sight with them.
“Stop there or you are dead “he shouted to the hearing of Bella and arrow but they didn’t stop.
“Run Bella, save yourself and live for me “
poison men aim the gun at arrow and fire bullets since they were told to kill Bella, so they shoot at the both of them.
Flying bullets were everywhere and in the process caught arrow on the left leg.
He shouted and groan in pain falling down, Bella stopped to help him but remember that he’s a criminal and he can even turn against her.
She began running again.
Poison had already got to where arrow was lying with blood flowing.
“You betray me you bastard” poison said and shot arrow and he died off.
“Get her alive, don’t shoot her.
“We need to kill her with my bare hands.
Bella continue running looking back but she stumbled and fall and poison men had already over took her and carried her up dragging her back to where their leader was.
“You bitch, tried to escape . today is your last day on earth.
Bella didn’t shake but remembered that it’s in this same way the woman raised her up died.
She lift up her head up into the sky but said nothing
She only closed her eyes waiting for the bullet to pieces through her heart but nothing happened.
she opened her eyes and found them stairing at her laughing in turns.
She was confused.
“Say your last prayer bastard” poison said squeezing her hands.
He walked towards her.
“And the worst part is that nobody will know your whereabouts.
“When you get to hell tell Satan I say hi “he said
He walked towards her and grab her on the neck.
“Drop your weapons “
They looked back and was surprised to see Steve and Alex with full back up.
Poison didn’t know what to do but he wasn’t ready for any surrender.
He can’t surrender, he took out his pistol and started shooting leaving Bella on the floor while Steve and Alex run to Bella escaping the bullets .
Alex men had killed 4 four of poison men already lying on the floor.
“Stand up let’s go I’m now here for you “Steve said
Bella slapped him again on the cheek and spat on his face.
“I rather die here than following you home “she said angrily.
Steve was surprised, he was even thinking that she will be grateful seeing him come to rescue her.
His expression changed immediately to an angry one.
“Alex let’s go since she wants to die here ” he said and stood up
“Bro relax, it hasn’t gotten to that. it was because of her that you can’t go back “Alex said.
Steve left them both proceeding to the car while his men were still in the pursuit of poison.
Bella stood up and ran to the car without being told to do so.
She opened the door and jump in seeing Steve inside, she averted her eyes from him to avoid eye contact.
Steve didn’t talk to her likewise her too.
Alex set the car in motion and then left without his team following .
Alex men finally got poison after his bullet has exhausted, they shoot him but nothing happened.
Poison was busy laughing at them.
They shot him with different guns and with different patterns but nothing happened.
“I’ve come across this before “the leader said and gave his gun to his colleague and handcuffed him and then took him away.
Steve got back to their city and still hasn’t said anything to Bella.
“Stop the car “Bella commanded
“What? Alex questioned
“I said stop the car now, I want to stop here ” she said
Steve didn’t even care, he looked through the window.
“Stop the car let her go ” he finally said still not looking at them.
Alex stop the car, Bella open the door to go down Steve drag her back.
“Where do you think you are going? he asked
Bella struggled to get free from him but he was much too stronger than her.
Alex smiled watching them from the car mirror.
“Let me go now! she said but Steve paid deaf ear to her.
She bit him in the hand, Steve groaned in pains and leaf her, she ran out of the car immediately running on the street.
Steve opened the door too and ran after her shouting her name to stop but she kept running ignoring the call.
Without looking, she ran into an incoming car which knocked her down and blood started coming out from her mouth and nose.

To be continued………:

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