(Story) Farida – Part 1

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“Farida! Farida! Where is this girl?”

“I am here maami.”

“Oya go and bath quickly so you can help brother Ade run some errands.”

“Maami, please I don’t want to work today, I am very tired.”

“If you don’t work what will we eat? If you do some work for him we will be able to eat bread this morning and amala in the afternoon.”

“Ok, ma.”

Nine-year-old Farida went to shower and get ready for the day’s chores. She was to help him sweep his room, wash plates and run errands for him. She would have preferred to play with her friends since it was a Saturday but then what will they eat if she doesn’t work. She got ready and resumed her work.

“Brother Ade good morning. Do you have any work for me?”

“Farida my wife how are you? I always have something for you. First, you will wash plates; they are not much. After that, you will buy bread and beans that we will eat before we clean the room.”

“Thank you, brother Ade,” Farida replied excitedly.

After food, Farida washed the plates and wanted to start cleaning the room but Ade stopped her.

“Farida come and sit down. Sit beside me. You don’t need to do any more work today and you will get good money. You just make me happy and you will get all you want”

“No more work? Thank you, brother. But what will maami and my brothers eat?

“I will give you N500.00 to give them today instead of N100.”

“Brother Ade thank you. That money will last us 3 days.” She replied excitedly

“I know. I want us to play a game.”

“What type of game?”

“I will be the daddy and you will be the mummy.”

“Oh, you want us to act drama?”

“Yes. And do what mummy and daddy used to do. You will remove your clothes and lie on my bed and I will remove my own and we will sleep together.”


She removed her clothes and laid on the bed. She was excited lying on the bed because at home she and her brothers sleep on the mat. Even the mattress maami slept on was not as comfortable as this one. She had been tempted to jump on it but because she does not want to offend brother Ade she did not. Today, she is lying on the bed and acting drama with Brother Ade. She was very happy.

Brother Ade closed the curtains of his room, locked the door and turned on the television before removing his clothes and joining her. They lay down together and then Brother rested his hand on the tiny mounds on her chest. He fondled her nipples and she became uncomfortable. She tried to remove his hands but he told her to relax and enjoy it, it was Mummy and Daddy play. He then extended his hand to her pants and stuck his finger inside her vagina which made her cry out in pain.

“Don’t shout!” uncle Ade scolded.

“But it is paining me.”

“I won’t do it again. Did you like how I touched you?”

“No, I did not. I want to go.”

“Wait now. Come here” he hugged her “I am sorry. Let me touch you in a way you will like it.”

“Don’t touch me again.”

“Ok, my dear. I love you. You cannot tell anyone that we are acting Mummy and Daddy drama here. Apart from the money, I will give you money for biscuit, sweets and chewing gum.”

“Will you give me brother Ade?”

“Yes, and if you allow me to touch you without telling anybody, I will buy things for you any time I come back from work. You are my wife.”

“But it pained me.”

“This time it will not pain you. And you will also touch Daddy.”

“Wear your clothes and go and buy biscuits and sweets and come back. I will wait for you.” He said giving her N10.

“Ok, let me go quickly.”

She went, bought the things and came back really excited. She would eat all this by herself.

“Eat your biscuit and allow me to touch you. It will not pain you I promise.”

He laid her on the bed. While she ate, he struck his manhood on her genitals. He did this until he was satisfied. “This was a start,” he said to himself “with time I will be able to penetrate.” He cleaned her up, reminded her that it was a secret. He gave N500 after she had finished eating and she left. She kept their secret.

Every evening he comes home, he will call Farida, give her orange or apple or puff puff or sweet then proceed to play Daddy and Mummy with her. Gradually, he started getting her to touch his manhood. She would hold it in her small hands and he will direct her on what to do. This excited him very much. Then he started inserting his finger into her vagina. He used Vaseline to ease her pain. She endured it because of the treats. She enjoyed her treats. He had bought her silence.

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