(Story) Farida – Part 13

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They came downstairs to Wale’s car. The chef came with a big nylon bag which Wale placed in the back seat of his car. He drove her home. They chatted away like close friends until they got to her house. Because of the traffic, they got home late. Wale picked the bag the chef put in the back of the car and carried it into the house. Farida knew better than to ask him anything.Inside the house, maami and her boys were watching television. Wale watched Farida go on her knees to greet her mother and then explained to her why she was late. Iya Farida welcomed him. He dropped the bag on the table and said it was the dinner they missed at his house.“It was not only Farida I went to dinner with; I went with all of you. This is your share. Thank you, ma, for allowing Farida come visit me today. I enjoyed her company like I always do. I have to leave now; there is work tomorrow”Farida saw him off. As he drove away, three girls came of from the darkness opposite the gate. One of them was clapping her hands while the others followed her. It was when they came into the light, she realized it was Aisha.Aisha had come back to the hood. Immediately the WAEC result was released, her father asked her to come back home to check. Unfortunately, she failed English and Mathematics. Her father was very upset with her that he grounded her for one week. When she was released from ‘captivity’, she was able to mingle and that was when she discovered what had been happening. Farida passed WAEC with all As. As if it wasn’t bad enough, Wale had been a regular visitor to her house that everyone refered to him as Farida’s boyfriend. It angered her. She had been on Wale’s case believing they were heading somewhere. It was just left with her visiting him at home and the deal would have been sealed before Farida entered the picture. Why would Wale choose Farida over her? What did Farida have that attracted Wale? Was intelligence alone enough to catch a man? Or was it all her forming that made him feel she was one of them? Or was he sympathetic to her wretched condition? She needed answers and the best people to talk to were Tunde and Dominic.‘Wale has changed. That babe has changed him. The Wale you knew before is not the same now. I don’t know what has gotten into him” Tunde lamented.“He took that babe to Ikoyi club. He kept promising to take us but never did but he took her. He was stalking her, watching her house like an enchanted bull. I don’t know what she did or how she did it but she has him wrapped aound her finger” Dominic added.“She thinks she can snatch my man? Not possible. I will teach her a lesson. Whe we went to see Wale at the filling station; he shunned me. I didn’t realise it was because of Farida. She wants to reap where she did not sow. I will disgrace her. I wil …….” Dominic cut in.“Do you intend for Wale to come back to you after this? If so, I don’t think disgracing her would work. Wale will fight you for her and wouldn’t speak to you ever again. Remember what happened at the filling station? Don’t try it”“I will disgrace her and then move on then. Wale is not God, I will get another correct guy. It is that goody-two-shoes I want to teach a lesson. I will finish her in the presence of everyone in her area. She will not be able to walk around the streets. Wale must have slept with her and is pitying her that’s why he is all over her. Shameless girl”The day presented itself. Farida was dumbfounded. She watched Aisha walk out of the shadows. She seemed poised for a fight. She wondered what the problem was. Why was she clapping her hands like a market woman? She decided to say hello.“Good evening Aisha. It’s been a while. How are you?”“God punish you there. Who are you talking to? Bitch! You came with your poor girl drama to snatch my boyfriend from me”“What do you mean Aisha? Who is your boyfriend?”“You don’t know my boyfriend? Wale is my boyfriend. You snatched him from me. I will teach you a lesson you won’t forget in a hurry”“Wait please, Wale is your boyfriend? He never mentioned it to me and I am not dating him, we are just friends. Have you asked him? I am not that type of girl”“What are you saying? You are not that type of girl that does what? Isn’t he the one that just left here now? What did he come to do?”“Aisha, I can see you are poised for a fight. Please come inside so I can explain everything to you. My mother is well aware of everything. We both know there are certain things I won’t do”“O, the things I can do? You passed WAEC and now you feel you are superior to all of us. You saw a rich boy and you clung to him as even your life depends on it. Everyone in the area is aware of your affair. Do you know Wale at all? He will use you, dump you and share the details of the sex with his friends. I am the only one he did do that to until you came along. Now all his friends know what happened between both of you. He is still leading you on because he enjoyed it and you are cheap”Farida was amazed at what Aisha said. It did not sound like the Wale she knew; he didn’t lie to her. She didn’t believe he will lie about her like this. What was surprising to her too was the relationship Aisha claimed she had with Wale. It never looked to her like there was any and he didn’t seem to like her let alone have a relationship with her. It was none of her business anyway. She didn’t have any relationship with Wale apart from friendship. It was either Aisha believed it or not.“Well, I think you should trash out this issue with Wale. Personally, I have no relationship with him neither do I intend to. If he has been lying about an affair that is his own headache not mine. I know we don’t have an affair and we don’t intend to or rather I don’t intend to. So, go back to him and discuss” after talking, Farida turned to go back inside. She could see people were stopping to eavesdrop. She didn’t need the negative publicity.Farida dragged her back out. “Bitch, where are you going? I am talking to you and you want to walk out on me? I said you snatched my boyfriend and you are speaking ‘opata’ for me. I will teach you a lesson you will never forget”Before Aisha could attempt anything, the people that had edged closer because of Aisha’s raised voice stopped her. She continued to shout while a startled Farida looked on. Her shouts attracted even more people and then people from the compound. Brother Chris was called by one of the tenants. Immediately he heard it had to do with Farida, he rushed outside. He calmed everyone’s nerves while standing between Farida and Aisha. Sister Chioma also came to join him. They asked what happened and Aisha repeated the story of Farida snatching her boyfriend. Brother Chris was confused. He asked Aisha, “Who is this boy?”“His name is Wale. I introduced her to him and then she snatched him”“How did she snatch him? Please explain because I am confused”“She is dating him now” Aisha responded.“Farida, what is she talking about?” brother Chris asked. At that time maami and her brothers had come out. Farida walked into her mother’s arms and cried holding her tightly. Maami asked what happened. Brother Chris explained what Aisha claimed. “Aisha, I am well aware of what is going on. If he is your boyfriend, then go and trash out your issue with him, Farida is not your problem”Sister Chioma wondered aloud, “Wait o, is it the Wale that was begging Farida to go to Ikoyi club with him she is talking about? The one that you went to see in his workplace. The guy you advised to make something out of his life and he went to get a job? The guy that dropped you off this evening?”“He is the one” maami responded.“Aisha, are you sure that guy dated you. Why didn’t you confront Farida in his presence? I have met him and I am absolutely sure he and Farida are friends and nothing more. Prove you were in a relationship with him. Prove Farida snatched him from you.Even if Farida is in a relationship with him why not fight him, why fight Farida. My friend, you are talking nonsense”It looked like everything was turning against Aisha. She couldn’t believe how people came to Farida’s defence. She decided to drop something that will discredit her completely. “Do not fall for her crocodile tears. She uses expo to pass exam. She used it for both WAEC and Jamb. I saw her”Chioma smiled. She turned to Farida and said, “This girl is an enemy. It is obvious she is envious of you. Avoid her. It is no longer her boyfriend, now it is cheating during exams. Farida we know will never cheat. She has been smart since she started school. She teaches cheats so they can pass and even with all she does, they still can’t pass. Prove it. Show us the expo she used”Brother Chris had had enough of the drama. He asked Iya Farida to take her daughter inside the house. Then he faced Aisha. “You are too young to be fighting over a boy. What you have done is to disgrace yourself. No matter how you try to paint it, you shouldn’t have done this. You deliberately tried to disgrace and discredit Farida. She is a well brought up girl, she will never do the things you have accused her of. If the boy doesn’t find you attractive anymore, why don’t you just count your loses and move on. You will meet many more guys as life goes on. I do not want to see you anywhere near Farida ever again. You know Farida is soft that is why you tried to pull this stunt. If you come near her or this house again, I will ensure I get you arrested. Just try it” immediately brother Chris left the scene, other onlookers followed suit. They left Aisha standing there looking stupid. Aisha wondered why people believed so much in Farida. She was upset and at the same time envious of Farida. Nobody believed a word she said; why would they believe Farida over her? That yellow guy was the most annoying. Imagine threatening her with police. She didn’t expect the confrontation to turn out like this. She felt disgraced. The two girls she came with abandoned her and mingled with the crowd. She felt betrayed again and it annoyed her the more. She walked home alone and in despair.Iya Farida was livid with anger with what happened. Farida was beside herself crying in her mother’s arm. This broke Iya Farida’s heart the more. Chioma and Chris came in to check on Farida.Chioma spoke first, “Farida, this is life. I am not surprised she came after you like this. She is just jealous the boy chose you over her. How can she say you snatched someone that I read his letter asking to take you on a date. She is still learning work. She will never try this again” ‘I am just hearing about this guy for the first time. Farida, I do not think you should focus on boys until you get into the university. They are a major distraction and can lead you astray. If she says he dated her then he must have. I find it appalling that she will admit to having an affair with a boy at this age. That said, Farida, a boy that will date a girl like that isn’t meant for you. Keep away from him. Cut him off. Focus on your education. I hear Jamb will be out very soon. Leave these people, they are distractions you don’t need. I have said my bit. I will talk to you again about boys when you gain admission into the university. Before then, I don’t want to hear anything about boys” Chris added.“Take it easy on her. She is a beautiful young girl and it is expected she will be ‘toasted’. What is wrong with that? It is the Aisha that has a problem. Why would she want to disgrace her like this?” Chioma insisted.“I am a man and I know what we do. I know why I left my wife and children in the east. This Lagos is too bad, I don’t want any man to deceive my wife. Boys are only interested in one thing, sex. Forget all his niceness. Once he has gotten you to trust him, then he will strike. From what this girl said it is obvious he did it to her and has moved over to you. He is just waiting for you to let your guards down. Once you that, he will strike and tell everyone that cares to listen”Everything was confusing to Farida. She didn’t believe Aisha’s story. Wale treated her with the utmost respect but could it also be a ploy? Could it be that he was doing all she said so she could be comfortable and then cajole her into doing something she would be ashamed off in the end? She was confused and at the sametime unhappy with everything. That night she cried some more before she finally fell asleep.Iya Farida was upset. Her anger was towards Aisha. It wasn’t even about Wale but about her claiming Farida used ‘expo’ for her exams. It broke her heart for that girl to distort all Farida’s effort like that when caught in a lie. It hurt her more to see how it affected her daughter. Farida has never been this brokenhearted before. Even when she was raped, she was still very strong. Why did Aisha think it was ok to tarnish Farida’s reputation? Well, she will teach her it is not ok. She will fight for her daughter. The next morning, she rose up very early, had a bath and went to Aisha’s house. She knew her parents will be awake for the early morning prayers. She wanted to meet them immediately after it. Luckily, she met them praying in their compound with others. After the prayer, she spoke with Aisha’s father. She wanted to talk to him and her mother. He brought her into their small sitting room which was dimly lit.“I am sorry to bring this issue to you so early in the morning but I do not have a choice. I couldn’t sleep last night and I watched my daughter cry all through the night. It was too much for me her mother”“Iya Farida, what happened? Did any of my sons do anything to Farida?” Aisha’s father asked.“Your sons didn’t do anything to my Farida. It is your daughter Aisha that decided to falsely accuse my daughter and tarnish her image”“Aisha? What did she do?”“Yesterday night, I was called outside that my daughter was in an argument with Aisha. I came out. Aisha claimed Farida snatched her boyfriend and she cheated during WAEC and Jamb examinations. I wondered what she was talking about. Aisha came with three boys to my house a day before the Jamb examination by 8pm for coaching. They had questions in mathematics they wanted Farida to teach them. Kindly hi ome on +233544142683 to be added to fresh stories kingdom, sweet and nice stories, Novela and story platform to enjoy reading such stories. I allowed them. They were there until 1am. The next day, after the Jamb examination, Aisha came back with the boys. They appealed to me to allow Farida join them to an eatery to appreciate her for her help. I agreed since Aisha will be there. Farida came back later with just the boy Wale. She told me Aisha embarrassed her at the eatery and she left. The Wale came after her and brought her home. Aisha is a teenager. I understood she could make a mistake. I told Farida to forgive her and move on. The boy came to check on Farida on one occasion and took her out. Farida told him she wanted just friendship and he agreed. Wale took permission to show Farida where he works and he brought her back. Only for Aisha to attack Farida claiming the boy was her boyfriend and Farida snatched him from her. As though that wasn’t bad enough, she added that Farida cheated during the WAEC and Jamb. When asked for proof she had none. She said this in the presence of people so they will believe Farida is a cheat meanwhile she was the one that came with boys and expo to my house in the dead of the night for innocent Farida to solve for them. Only for the questions to come out the next day. Who is the cheat?”“Aisha! Aisha!” he looked at his wife and shouted at her, “go and call that useless girl”When Aisha came, she was shocked to see Iya Farida in her sitting room that early in the morning. The woman looked very angry. Aisha knew she was in trouble. She didn’t think about the repercussions before she took action.“Aisha, do you have a boyfriend?” her father asked.“No sir. I don’t have”“I will ask you again, do you have a boyfriend?”“No sir”“Did you fight publicly with Farida over a boy?”“We did not fight. We quarreled over a friend”“Did you tell people that Farida cheated during her examinations?”“No sir”Iya Farida was staring at Aisha with her mouth agape. She couldn’t believe all she was hearing. She knew immediately this girl won’t amount to anything if she could lie so flippantly. She shook her head.“Iya Farida, please you can go. I will investigate and take the appropriate action. I will get back to you. Thank you for honouring me by coming to report. May Allah bless you” Aisha’s father concluded.

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