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Episode 14

Steve got to where she laid, cars already stopped moving on the road so as to avoid matching Bella.
The wound was not that big because the driver applied break before she was hit.
“Watch your steps next time young lady ” the driver said to Bella .
Steve offered his hands for her to take but she refused and stood up on her own.
“I’m here to help you, why acting strange “Steve asked raising his voice meanwhile Bella didn’t say a word to him.
She began walking out of his sight again thereby making him to be more angry than before.
Stains on blood were still left on her legs and her clothes.
“Stop there now and if not, don’t bother again “he said and stopped talking but she gave him deaf ears and still went her way.
She wave down a taxi and then entered .
“Trouble for sale street “she said to the driver who wondered what she wants to go and do there not knowing that she’s the trouble herself.
Alex came out of his car only to find Steve alone looking at an empty space.
“Bro, it’s okay all will be well soon “he said and pat him on the shoulder and they left for his house.
Mr Williams has been trying to call poison to know whether the so called Bella is dead but he has not been picking up the phone.
so he relaxed himself on the couch.
Steve came back inside the house with Alex on his side and met his father alone in the parlour, he greet him and proceed to his room while his father looked at him in an unexplainable mode.
Alex has been observing Bella since he started knowing her, and he has resulted in the evidence that there’s a strong bond that leads him and Bella in common but he has not yet have the prove.
Mr Charles Alex father put a call to his son Alex informing him that he will be back next week to the country.
Alec made all the preparation to welcome back his father after a long journey.
unknown to Alex, Steve took his car key
and set the car in motion going to visit Bella.
On getting there, he got the most shocking news that Bella had relocated the previous day.
He had no option than to go back to Alex and informed him about that.
Bella left her house and locked in then went into her friends house Angela.
She warned her fellow neighbors to tell anyone that comes looking for her that she has relocated because she knew that Steve will start disturbing her again and she doesn’t wants to loose her life for Steve because of his dad.
“2 weeks later
Still steve has been gradually going to Bella’s house to confirm whether she has truly relocated but the answer still remains the same.
Mr Charles arrived at the airport and put a call through to Alex his son to come and pick him up.
Alex arrived the airport after 45 minutes, welcome his father back to the country with a hug and handshake, he then open the car door for him which he hop in and he Zoom off.
Mr Charles looked through the window and saw Bella walking down the road, without Alex knowledge that it was Bella.
“Look Alex, she looks as your kid sister “he said pointing to Bella.
Alex diverted his eyes immediately and saw bella walking to her house.
“What? that’s her ” he said and matched the break and then stop the car.
“Dad I’m sorry I need to call Steve and inform him that I’ve seen her “
“Seen who?
“That girl, Bella “he said and pointed at Bella will dialing Steve number

He picked up on first beep
“Bro, I’ve seen her now “he said on phone
“Where? please tell me now “Steve requested on phone.
“Calm down bro, she’s heading to her house now just go there straight “
“Thanks bro, I’m on my way “he said and ended the call.
“Alex? Mr Charles called his son softly he replied and turn on the car engine.
“You know that girl already? he asked
Alex smiled and answered
,”Yes dad, she’s my best friend crush “he replied and his father chuckle alongside with him
“But she looks just like your kid sister “Mr Charles said
“Forget it dad, it’s not her. I pray my kid sister still be alive for me “
“The way she walked, and even the mark on her forehead shows it ” Mr Charles said
Alex reasoned it and knew that it was true, but it can’t be possible that Bella is his missing sister that got kidnapped St the age of four years.
“Dad, you need a rest. let’s start going “he said and set the car in motion.
Steve got to Bella’s house, luckily for him the door was open.
He didn’t wait for anyone to tell him to go in, he rushed inside the house and met Bella packing her clothes.
Bella turned and saw Steve standing by the door stairing at her.
She looked away to avoid eyes contact with him.
“What are you doing here? she asked without looking at him
“Why do you choose to punish me like this? he replied
Bella smiled knowing that he is really hurt and that’s what she really wanted.
“Really? I’m punishing you? he asked
“And why is that possible? am I your sister or girlfriend? she asked
“You are more than that to me. or is it a crime to……..
Steve held back his words feeling heavy to let the truth out.
“Say it out. what is in your mind “Bella asked
“Is it a crime to love you Bella? can’t you see Bella, I love you with the whole of my heart since the day you slapped me “he said
Bella took him to be kidding
“Tell me that you are not serious please “she said clapping her hands.
“I’m damn serious Bella, I love you with the whole of my heart. I’ve been waiting for the right time to say this”
The word love made Bella to became angry that instance remembering the day she was attacked by some gun men who set their house on fire burn her mom and then kidnapped her.
The word love brought back her sad memories and painful memory she didn’t want to come back.
Steve noticed her mode and wondered whether he said anything bad.
“Get out of here “she shouted angrily at Steve who wondered whether she was referring to him.
He looked back and discovered that it’s only him with her.
“I hate men, all of them. they are dangerous “she blurted out almost crying .
“Whatever it is you have to forget the past and move on “Steve assured her
“I’m not ready for anything, I must fight all guys that comes my way “
“Leave now!!! she yelled at him him authoritatively.
Instead of Steve run out, he ran to her and hugged her tightly.
She cried on his shoulder.

To be continued………..

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