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Episode 17

Alex had not heard from Steve since the day he left their house.
He came back to see Steve missed calls that was when he realized that Steve has been trying to call.
He dialed Steve number in return and he picked up on first beep.
“Bro, please come to my house now let’s talk as men “Steve sounded so calm and gentle on phone.
“I will be there soon “Alex replied and end the call.
Jenifer was invited to Steve’s house by Steve’s father, she sat facing Mr Williams with a short skirt that stopped on her laps thereby revealing her undies.
Steve was in his room taking his bath ready for Alex’s arrival when he heard a soft knock from the door thinking that it’s Alex he shouted.
“Come in bro and wait for me. ” he said
Jenny open the door and heard the splashing of water, she knew that Steve is taking his bath.
She took time in viewing the room and it was wow as she expected with arts work hanging on the wall.
Steve finally emerged from the bathroom without tying his towel and water was dripping off his wet body, he was busy looking down and at the same time walking into the room.
He and Alex are like brothers, so anytime Alex visits him he will be free to do anything he wishes, so he walked into his room rubbing his two eyes.
Jenny looked at Steve walking naked into his room and her eyes pop out of its sockets.
“What took you so long bro to come? Steve asked and looked up and seeing Jenny sorted on his bed instead of Alex his eyes widened in shock and remembering that he was naked he quickly used his hands to cover his p-man side but it was too late for him because Jenny had already seen everything.
He ran into the bathroom again and locked the door from inside incase Jenny wants to try anything stupid.
“Please who invited you to my room without my consent? Steve shouted to her hearing
“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to see your naked body. but I’ve seen everything now so no point of hiding, better come out let’s discuss issues “Jenny blurted out.
“Get out of my room now!
“or you will regret ever stepping your foot in my room.
Alex opened Steve door only to find Jenny sitting on his bed, he wondered who she was because he has never set his eyes on her before.
“Maybe she’s one of the prostitute that are always used to pass the night with “he said in his mind
“But come to think of it Steve has never done this before? what’s happening I need to figure out “he said in his mind
“Please where’s Steve? Alex asked
“He is in there refusing to come out “she replied pointing to the bathroom door
Steve heard Alex voice and he took some breath knowing that nothing is gonna happen again.
“Tell that butch to leave that room now, she’s not my type and will never be ” Steve shouted
“Please give us some privacy lady”Alex said looking at her.
“I’m going nowhere, his father asked me to stay here with him until he make up his mind “
“You mean Steve father asked you to stay here? Alex asked a little bit surprised
“Steve is my husband to be, so I came here to discuss things with him.
Hearing that Steve was more than angry, he tied the towel on his waist and rush out of the bathroom.
Without being told, Jenny saw the angry face Steve came out with from the bathroom so she took on her heels and left the bathroom within a twinkle of an eye.
Steve settled down and discussed everything with Alex including the point that Bella has accepted to be his girlfriend.
He also apologized for not believing him in such situation.
“Bro, let’s cheer to my new love life ” Steve said and pop up an expensive wine and pour it into two glasses.
“Cheers to my new love life!! Steve said and they drank the contents.
Bella was in her room when she heard a knock from the door, she took her weapon as usual and went for the door.
on getting there it was Steve and Alex, she threw away the things and hug Steve and welcome them both.
Steve placed a soft kiss on her forehead and then sat down on the chair she offered them.
“What I offer my prince? Bella asked smiling as well as Steve
“Nothing dear, we are just fine “Steve replied
“Are you sure? Bella asked to confirm
Alex nod his head in agreement, Bella smiled and sat down.
“Alex I’m sorry for putting you through Steve wrath by telling him that you are my boyfriend ” she confessed
“It’s okay dear, at least you two are now together I’m happy for you guys “
,”I hope he didn’t hurt you or else I will teach him a lesson here by making him to crawled and beg you “she said and looked at Steve who was busy laughing.
“Not at all dear, he didn’t “Alex replied.
“What if he’s lying? Steve chiped in
“You know the consequences now “Bella replied
“I don’t know ooo you better tell me now oo” Steve said
” I don’t tell people my secret, it’s one of my secret “she said.
“Okay fine if you say so. but I’m here to see you “Steve said meanwhile Alec has been taking his time studying Bella and he end up liking her because of her funny attitude and behavior.
“What’s that? Bella looking at the shining shopping bag that was in Steve’s hand.
“Guess what? Steve asked
“You know I’m not good at guessing “Bella replied
“Who knows? Steve asked spreading his hands in the air.
“Okay fine, close your eyes “
Bella obediently did and Steve took out the phone he bought for her and placed it before her . Kindly hi ish on+233544142683 to be added to fresh stories kingdom, sweet and nice stories, house of stories to read more of this episodes from there.
“Now open your eyes “
Bella opened her eyes and met an expensive phone stairing at her on the table.
“That’s for you my queen “
“What? Bella asked looking so surprised and overwhelmed with joy.
“It’s yours dear, take it “
Bella couldn’t expressed her happiness, at last she’s going to make use of a phone. not even a small phone but an expensively big phone.
She jumped on Steve which made them both fell on the bed and she was on top of Steve,she kissed him so hot one the lips and then came down.
“Thank you very much my prince, I’m so excited “she said aloud.
The rest of their stay in her house was so awesome as she moves from one joke to another.
It was already 5:00pm in the evening and Steve announced his departure which she escorted them outside and bade them good bye not without s hug.
She took time and examined the phone very well and it was the type she loved.
she rushed inside and boot the phone on going through every single application inside the phone.
She wanted to call Steve to asked whether he has reached home safely but she remembered that she had no SIM card, she dropped the phone down collapse on the bed and doze off to a deep sleep.
To be continued.

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