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Episode 19
Bella and Steve love grew stronger each passing day thereby making their life to be more romantic, but the sex part of it was not included yet.
Jenny has been visiting Steve these days making sure she gain his trust very well.
They became best of friends without any strings attached, but Jenny had something in her cupboard.
Jenny Anderson has been expecting Alex call since the day they met but she didn’t see it.
She began to loose hope that he won’t call again .
just as she was anticipating within herself, her phone vibrated due to the fact that it was on silent mode.
She looked at the screen to see it boldly written unknown, she picked it and placed it on her ears then came a deep masculine voice that sounded on the other end .
“Hello “
“Yes good day “Jenny replied
“Please am I speaking with Jennifer Anderson?
“Yes it’s me “she replied just then her thought drifted to Alex and sure sure he was the one.
“Guess who is speaking?
“It’s Alex Charles I guess “
“Wow nice guess. how come you know it’s me?
“I’ve been expecting your calls for long but it didn’t came so this one I felt it’s you”she replied
“Sorry for that dear, can we hang out today?
“Sure, why not “
“OK, I will text you the address and time soon.
“Okay “
He ended the call and after two minutes her phone beep and it was a message from Alex.
She read it and then prepared to meet Alex.
Bella was watching Zee world movie when a soft knock sounded on the door and she knew that it was no one else than Steve.
She went and open the door and was surprised to see Steve with another charming princess standing beside him which was Jennifer.
She hug Steve briefly and then ushered them inside the house.
“So this is the thing she refuse me and go for? Jenny said in her heart
“Very soon she will be no where to be found and Steve will be all mine alone “a smile crossed on her lips as the thought went off.
Steve took time tell Bella why he came with Jenny to meet her, and Bella didn’t feel comfortable.
She was a bit uncomfortable knowing that it can’t be possible for a girl that wanted the same guy to come and congratulate the lucky one. She wave away the thought and smiled which Jenny reciprocated meanwhile deep inside she had a big hatred for Bella.
“We can be friends then? Jenny said
“Why not? Bella replied though feeling uncomfortable with the idea but her inner mind tells her that nothing is gonna happen.
Jennifer Anderson step out of her apartment looking so hot and sexy, from her head to toe could be described as an assassin due to how she dressed.
It was black from head to toe with a pair of glasses on her eyes.
30 minutes later she found herself at the place Alex directed her, she placed a call to Alex telling him that she’s there.
Alex came into view within two minutes in his expensive car.
Jennifer also came with her own car too.
Alex and Jenny drove out of sight with Alex leading the drive while suddenly stop before an expensive 21 storey building with the inscription boldly written “COOL BREEZE JOINT”
Everything there shows how expensive the place was, Jenny smiled because this is the type of place she wanted to be taken to.
Alex and Jenny packed their cars in the garage though it was far from each other.
The inside was wow and bulb of different colors illuminated the arena with blue and pink color bulb making the building to be more romantic, Alex looked at Jenny with the corner of his eyes and found her being weird with the inside of the building he smiled.
They sighted an empty two sits at the far end of the restaurant, Alex moved with Jenny behind they sat down.
“Welcome to cool breeze joint,please sir what should we offer you? a fair lady dressed in a uniform announced to Alex who looked at Jenny to make her choice first.
Jenny understand the eye so she was shy to say it but later said it.
” A chill bottle of water is ok”she voiced out.
Hearing that Alex narrowed his brows looking surprise.
“Don’t tell me that’s all you want to take? Alex asked
“Yes I’m Okay with that “
“No way you are taking only that.
“Please bring something more than that to the two of us, something you see that will be okay for us”alex said
“OK sir “she said and left then returned a minute later with a tray full of expensive wine which Alex smiled.
They started enjoying themselves which Jenny kept stealing glances at Alex admiring how handsome he was and how he drank responsibly .
Alex noticed it and pretended as if he saw nothing.
They spent minutes talking to each other and introducing themselves more better to each other.
Jenny found Alex to be funny cause along the discussion he will tip in something funny and they will end up laughing real serious.
Along the discussion her phone rang, she picked the call talking to the person on phone she kept laughing at every single the person said.
Alex felt jealous and at the same time feeling his heart heavy thinking that she’s already taken by someone else.
he was heart broken too because there’s someone who makes her smile more than he do here the few minutes they had spent
She finally ended the call and Alex was a bit relieved.
“Your boyfriend called? Alex asked Jenny couldn’t help than to laugh real.
“Don’t tell me that you are jealous? of course he was the one “she said jokingly and Alex expression changed immediately to a sad one and Jenny noticed it.
“Don’t be scared young man, am not taken oo”
Alex expression to a happy one immediately he heard that Jenny couldn’t help than to smile.
She has started liking Alex already and everything seems as if they had known each other for years.
Alex paid the bills and they left after which Alex promise her that he will be calling her from time to time to know how she’s fairing.
Alex got to the house, took his bath and then jump in his bed to have a sound sleep, he remembered that he had not called Jenny so he placed a call to her.

To be continued

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