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Mabella walked into her room. she dropped her hand bag and finally collapse on the bed and doze off due to the stress she had earlier.
Steven got to his house. he got down from his car and was rushed by the house maids to take his back inside but he yelled at them to stay away from him.He got to his room and dropped his brief case and undress immediately, he entered the bathroom to have a quick shower . he heard his special phone ringing tone meant for Sandra. he knew she was the one calling. he remembered he had not changed the ringing tone. he turned off the shower and headed out to his room. he dried his body and apply some lotion before his phone started ringing again. he looked at the screen and it was Sandra calling again so he silence the phone and allow it to continue vibrating.
Mabella woke up at around 6:00pm in the evening, she was still in her work dress. she later changed and head to the shower. minutes later she was out,she entered the kitchen and prepared herself a plate of noodles.
After the meal, she took the plate back to the kitchen to wash.she was done with the washing. she head straight to the parlour to watch the TV as usual. she turn on the TV and started watching it.
Mr Williams was still in his office, he didn’t close for the day yet, he later called on his secretary.
“Bring me the document for me to sign”.Mr Williams said
“OK sir. here it is.she said stretching the document to him.
He signed every part of it and then handed it back to the secretary.
Steven was still in his well furnished room that looks like a mini stadium when he remembered that he needed some stuffs for himself. he didn’t want to worry the maids about it and that was unlike him because he lives the opposite life of it.
He wore his clothe and took his wallet and his phone and headed out of the house to where he packed his car.
One thing about Steven was that he was every woman’s dream of becoming his wife because he was like a small god and handsome as well.
He was still driving in his Lexus when he finally turned and stopped at where he was going.he decided to get himself some hot coffee.He entered the room and he was the center of attraction especially for the ladies.
“Sir what can we offer you “?.a fair lady that looks like a goddess asked him and with the uniform one can easily identity her as the bar attendant.
“Hot coffee with too much sugar will be okay “he replied and the maid looked at him in some kind eyes before she left.
Soon his order was placed before him. he took the coffee and sip a little then shook his head in a yes gesture meaning that the coffee was just like how he wanted it to be.
Mabella was on her to her friend house when she remembered that she has to buy more coffee stuffs for her early morning tea. so she took her left and headed to the coffee shop. she finally arrived and moved to the counter and as she was walking, her mind was drifted to some where else. As she took her last step she heard something scattering on the floor like glass that was when she realized herself. She looked and behold she had mistakenly hit someone’s table with her leg.
The owner of the glass was looking at her with an angry eyes.
Steven looked up and saw it was the same girl that slapped her at the club the previous day. he smiled at himself knowing very well that his time for revenge had finally arrived.
“Young lady are you blind? can’t you see what you’ve done? Steve asked sounding so angry.
Mabella finally looked up and saw that was the same proud arrogant ant at the club the previous day. so she pretended like she did not hear him.She wanted to know that it’s not the rich alone that can survive. so she continue her steps to the counter.
Steven was so angry this time around.
“She thinks she can win this time around? well let’s see. he said in his mind and stood up heading to Mabella.
He grabbed her by her clothes and drag her backward.
“Don’t you respect people in your area”?He said and tighten his grib on her.
“You better let go of me now or….
“Or what? he interrupted her speech.
She slapped him hard on the face before he could complete his speech.
Everyone in the house were stunned by her action.she and Steven became the center of attraction in the hall.
Steve held his cheek and rub it gently. he stood there affix contemplating whether to slap her back or not. he waved off the idea.
“See young lady, I will pay you back for this I promise you “
“What can a proud ant like you do”?she retorted v
back at him
“What did you just call me a proud ant”?he questioned
“I can even add more if you want “
“Do you even know who you are talking with? he took off his face cap reveling his face.People that knew who he is was scared thinking that he might later hurt her.
“Are you not Steven the son of the proud so call Mr Williams”?
“What? did you just call my dad proud?
“Yes that’s what he is”.she concluded and hiss at him. Steve was stunned at her action.he rushed out of the joint feeling embarrassed.
To be continued.

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