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Episode 22
It was not only Steve that heard the conversation between Jennifer Adams and her client but they police heard it too.
Visibly in the big hall where all kinds of communication set were hanging on the wall, the police men were sitter around some while what Jenny said was all heard loud and clear in the speaker.
“Let’s wait for Steve Williams final word before we strike “The chief commander of police announced.
Everywhere became dark, sounds of crickets chirping in the nearby bush could be heard as Bella switch on her bedside lamp.
She looked at herself in the mirror and discovered that she was growing more beautiful than before and her hair was now two times longer than it was before, she smiled and climb on the bed.
Jenny Adams knew that her plan to deceive Steve Williams couldn’t work so she switched to plan B of the game.
The lonely streets that Bella stayed though there was streets lights all around but there was something unknown about the area.
5 men in black jump through the fence into Bella house with guns in their hands.
They proceed to the front door seeing that it was locked already, they brought out a small container open it and then pour the content into the key hole and the door open immediately without any stress.
The leader smiled and signalled the others to do same to the other doors which they did and it also open.
They were now waiting at Bella room door to do the same thing, though it was late but Bella wasn’t sleeping, she heard heavy footsteps approaching here door and her heart froze immediately knowing fully well that no one else can come here without her conscience and moreover she locked all the doors before.
She laid there and wanted to call Steve, just as she wanted to do so, the door fling open and there stood the men all dressed in black stairing at her lustfully due to the fact that she only had and pants on while the rest of her body was exposed to them.
She quickly took the bed sheets and covered herself and she was shivering as if there’s cold but there was none.
“It will be a pleasure to a have a test of you before we take you to our queen” spider said licking his lips occasionally.
Bella thought of the possible way to escape but none came at that time, she wanted to scare them but there’s no way to do that, she looked outside only to find out that the whole environment is dark because the lights has been disconnected by the men.
She knew that she’s in a hot pot of soup and that her life is at stake.
Steve smiled from where he was sitting in his room, the room was well decorated and everything looked like money itself.
Steve had placed a camera in Bella house unknown to Bella that there’s such thing in her house.
Everything the men do or say, Steve was only smiling because he saw everything and heard everything in his big television hanging in his room.
He took his phone and dialed the commander in chief of police number and he pick up just immediately.
“It’s time sir “he announced
“I know and we heard everything too in here ” he replied
“Good, go now before its too late “he said and ended the call.
Back to Bella residence, there was nothing she could do to save herself. she remembered that there’s a small kitchen knife hidden in her bed so she took it out and hold it so firmly.
“If you dare try coming closer consider yourself dead “she said angrily and the men were not moved with her words but rather end up laughing.
“What a brave woman? spider said
“Get her now, we are running out of time “he announced and one of his men walked towards Bella and tried to drag her on her feet and she brought out the knife and cut him deep on the shoulder, he let out a loud cry leaving Bella and she fall back to the bed.
Spider seeing that rushed towards her and his men behind who surrounded Bella, he grab her and then head out of the walk out of the room followed by others.
Steve saw how his Bella was dragged out of her room naked with only panties, he was full of furry and his eyes turned red instantly like that of an hungry lion waiting to devour it’s prey .
He stood up and grab his car key driving as fast as possible to Bella house without his piston hidden in his car.
The police were already tired of waiting for the men to come out with Bella, they all positioned their guns getting ready to shoot any target.
Due to the darkness that covered the area, thus making it impossible for you to see someone else but with the help of the device it was really helpful to the police officers.
They were running out of patience thinking that they will come out from the back door, they waited for long expecting them to come out with Bella not knowing that the men have took another route of escape knowing that they will be there.
The chief officer took two men because he was running out of patience, he March into the building but was surprised to see all the doors open but nobody was inside there.
He was transfixed with what he saw.
The men took their car and set it in motion while Bella was lying unconscious in the car looking so sexy and tempting due to what was placed on her nose for her to inhale.
Steve was driving so fast with full speed in the high way in the late hour of 2:00 am praying that nothing happens to Bella before he gets there.
He was driving when two cars passed him by on the other lane with full speed too, Steve wondered who they could be in the that early hour not knowing that’s the car Bella is being held captive.
“What a good and smart boy, he came looking for his love” spider said in the car when he saw Steve car passing theirs.
Steve got to Bella house and found nobody there, neither the police men nor Bella was found which got him in a more confusing state, due to how smart he was he entered his car and drive away again.
Spider and his men were still driving when they heard the both car tyres burst and the tyres deflated.
They came down trying to change the tyres not knowing that it was the smart boy called Steve handwork.
They squat down trying to change the tyres due to how dark the street was and the off the car lights not to be noticed, just as they fixed the last tyre getting ready to move, they were all surrounded with police men both in the bush and in the streets.
They look back to see a large number of police men walking closer and there was no possible way to escape for them which got them frightened.
Spider due to how smart too he was, after being warned by the police to surrender by the police and not to shoot, he eyed his men who jumped into their car in a fast Way knowing fully well that the police won’t shoot due to the fact that if they do, Bella will also be shot inside the car.
They took out their guns and pulled the trigger looking back and found the police walking to them.
“Fire! spider announced and they started shooting.
“Retreat back! ” the officer ordered because they didn’t shoot back because of Bella in the car.
Spider men had the full access and they killed 5 police officers while they didn’t shoot back.
The fire battle continued and the chief officer had no other option than to retrieve and reinforce his team for the battle next day.
Just as he wanted to do so, they heard the screeching of car tyres and car sound approaching, they looked at the direction and found a car driving in full speed to where they stood.
The drugs finally left Bella and she opened her eyes to see herself lying naked in the car with the sounds of gunshots in the area and she was the only one in the car.
The car that was approaching caught spider men attention and they started shooting the incoming car thus giving Bella the full access to escape into the nearby bush.
They police officer saw when Bella escaped and they started shooting back at spider men.
in the process of doing that, a flying bullet hit Bella and she fell down instantly while blood rushed out of her as a flow of river.
To be continued.

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