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. The fire between the police and spider men finally seized while 3 of spider men were killed and two escaped including spider himself.
Steve came out of his hiding place, everywhere became calm as police walked to where Bella laid lifelessly.
It was Steve that controlled the car that set the confusion just like James Bond, he rushed to where Bella was and discovered that she was no longer breathing.
“Bella! he shouted and shook her body but she wasn’t responding.
The police were just looking at him like a deaf and blind dog that had no eyes to notice what was happening.
Steve thought of how to rescue Bella, he carried her on his shoulders and tie the wond using his shirt which he cut into pieces.
Next day in ANDREW’S HOSPITAL Bella was lying there without moving an inch even without breathing.
Steve took time and cautiouned the doctor not to allow anything happens to his Bella.
He was praying deep inside his heart for Bella to be soon.
Just then Alex and Jennifer Anderson arrived the hospital looking like one blood and flesh looking expensively hot, Steve had informed Alex about what happened and he was surprised to see it in this critical mode.
the doctor came out from the ward Jennifer was shaking his head negatively and Steve was praying in his hesrt for it not to be so.
“Doc, tell me how’s it?
“She’s not responding to treatment and the only thing to be done now is blood transfusion.
“I’m ready to offer my blood for her “he said stretching his hand for the doctor to see.
“It will only be tested in the medical laboratory before its used.
After minutes Steve results came out to be negative and that was so disappointing Steve.
“Doctor so what are you trying to tell me now?
“That my Bella will die soon? he questioned
The doctor felt pity for Steve but had no other option.
,”Doc, I will give my blood for taste and if she’s not responding the…..
They took Alex . blood and examined it and in after some minutes they blood was set up into Bella body.
Alex Williams and Jennifer Anderson was with him a looking at like Bella lying lifeless on the hospital bed.
Bella didn’t even coughed but also open her eyes slowly.
To be continued.

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