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Episode 24
How Alex blood matched with Bella own was a mystery, even Alex himself didn’t understand what was happening.
Jenny too was transfixed about the sudden happening likewise the others.
“She will be fine soon “the doctor announced
“Thank you doctor “Steve said
“Please I need you all in my office, there’s something we need to discuss “
Steve and Co looked at others in a surprise eyes wondering what could that be but they finally followed him.
“Please have a sit “
They all sat down waiting to hear from the doctor, he brought out a document of the test he conducted between the two guys and placed in front of them.
That alone made them to be more scared than before thinking whether there’s a mistake somewhere.
“Gentle men, there’s something you guys need to know “the doctor began .
“First of all who is that patient to you? he asked pointing at Steve which got him more confused.
“She’s my girlfriend “he replied
“What about you? he said pointing at Alex who didn’t know the correct word to use.
“She’s my friend’s girlfriend “he replied.
“The test I conducted shows something important “
“I’m afraid to tell you that all the things found in your system happens to be found in the patient system too.
“Doctor what are you talking about?
“That they are related to each other??
“Exactly that’s my point and the test of the result shows it all”he said and handed them the results which they looked at it and exchanged looks at each other.
Immediately Alex saw the test result he stood up.
“Dyna!!! “he shouted on too of his voice and ran out of the doctor office Steve wondered what was wrong with him.
They ran also behind him to witness what is going to happen.
Alex got the ward Bella was, he pushed the glass door open and ran inside.
He stood beside her and took her hands in his,
“Dyna? he called softly
Bella wondered who could have known her real name despite the fact that she changed it for years ago but who could that be??
She opened her eyes slowly only to find Alex stairing at her in a way she didn’t even understand.
She gasped wondering how Alex got to know her real identity.
“Just tell me that you are Dyna and everything will be alright “Alex voiced out looking deep into Bella eyes.
Bella didn’t understand what was happening, she looked up to see Steve, Jenny and the doctor at s corner watching the whole drama.
She found herself crying because finally someone has known her real identity she has been hiding for long.
“Please just say that you are Dyna “Alex said again
Bella only nod her head positively without saying a word.
“Alex Charles is that you?? she asked faintly
“Yes it’s me Dyna “
“Dyna!! so it’s you I’ve found?? Alex shouted happily and then hug her so tightly not minding whether she’s still a patient.
The whole thing was like a drama to Steve and his team.

To be continued.

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