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Episode 25
Alex joy knew no bound that finally he has found his lost sister.
Truly Bella is Alex blood sister who got kidnapped at the age of four, and thank God she has been found.
Alex hug Bella as if she will get lost again, she cried on his shoulder feeling the brotherly love she has missed for the past years without.
Steve stood there too watching as the two blood family celebrate their union once again.
Bella finally disengaged from Alex and walked to Steve and hug him too so that he won’t be feeling jealous.
Steve smiled and embrace her tightly telling her that all is well, while Alex walked to Jenny his girlfriend and hug her too.
The doctor there transfixed and smile as the teenagers exchange lovely hugs, he shook his head and left.
Bella was discharged from the hospital after two days and she followed Steve to his house.
Alex keep visiting them there without telling his father the truth yet that he has found his missing sister Dyna who had changed her name to Bella.
The news was everywhere both in the social media and all sort of communication sets displaying the event that took place between the police and spider men the night Bella was shot.
Jenny sat in her house watching the news too, she saw that spider has been arrested by the police and if care is not taken that she will be exposed as the person behind the happenings.
She smiled when a plan finally hit her head, she stood up and walked out of the house heading to the police station.
She got there and she was directed to the room where spider was, she held her nose because of the smell that came from the place and it was an unpleasant one.
Spider came out to meet Jenny waiting for head with a small polythene bag containing a food flask inside.
“Hey spider! she called looking around
“Jenny, it’s so unlucky that I got caught “
“It’s not like that spider, trust me that you will be released soon”
“I just felt that you will be hungry so I brought you this, “she said and handed the bag to him, without hesitation he took it in a hurry and opened it and started eating.
Jenny left in a hurry heading to her house to strategies on how to escape this.
After spider eat the food with the five people that way it with him, they vomited blood and died off.
Jenny had poisoned the food so that spider won’t expose her to the world without her knowing that Steve knows everything starting from the beginning.
Alex finally take Bella to his father telling him everything and that Bella is his missing daughter.
The family was so happy once again to be united and Mr Charles put in a party to celebrate her lost daughter which is found.
Bella feel like a princess because everything she needed was in his father’s house.
He was rich and wealthy without any thing attached to it.
She loved the way she was feeling to be in the midst of people that loved her once again.
After two days, Steve decided to show Jenny that he is smarter than her.
He placed a call to her.
Bella was sitting in her house when Steve call came in, she wanted to ignore it but later waved off the idea thinking that Steve may suspect her to be behind this, so she picked it.
“Hello Jenny “
“Hello Steve “
“See your life? where have you been for this days without even a single text or call”
“I’m sorry dear I didn’t inform you. I was very sick and my dad had to fly me out to be work on”she lied pretending to be ill
Steve smiled at her cleverness which seems good.
“Oh I’m sorry for that dear, my apologies. where are you now?
“I just arrived the country yesterday, I’m at home “
“Can you cover at least let’s have fun “
Jenny thought of the answer to give him because she’s suspecting that Steve could know that she’s behind this because he has not even acted this concerned before”
“OK I will be there by 4:00pm. expect me then ” she replied after an after thought.
“Okay till then “he said and ended the call.
Steve dialed another number after talking to Jenny.
“Get ready, she will be here in the 4 hours ” he said on the phone and hung up.
To be continued.

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