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Jenny was well dressed preparing to go and visit Steve but she was with a dark mind.
Steve also was preparing for her coming, thus he had everything in place in case of anything.
The city was calm as the evening cool breeze began blowing making the leaves to bend in the direction the wind drags them to.
Jenny step out of her car, she walked inside Steve room with her heels making noise on the tile floor which made Steve to know that she’s the one.
“Hi Jenny “Steve said immediately she entered and offered her a sit smiling so wide.
“Hi Steve my love “she replied knowing very well that Steve has something hidden because without that he wouldn’t have been smiling like this with s girl she once loved.
Jenny sat down and he offered her chill juice, and he also drink it too so as not to look like he had poisoned the drink.
“Tell me, what really happened to you? Steve asked her
“It’s a long story dear, but all thanks to God that I’m alive once again “she replied.
“I’m happy you are back safely and for good, how was your trip back?
“It was boring dear due to how I was feeling “she replied caressing Steve bears.
“I just wanted to show you something important, I hope you wouldn’t mind? Steve said thus increasing the fear in her that she was right about Steve having something hidden. it showed on her face the confused look and Steve noticed it and then smile.
“Sure, what’s that? she asked.
Steve sat very well making sure that there’s no escape route for her this time around.
He picked up his TV remote, switched on the TV and there loud and clear.
Jenny watched how she was being tracked and all the conversation she made with spider even on the very day Bella was shot.
She was visibly shaking, thus making Steve to withdraw from her and then looked at her in the eyes.
,”Jenny, how could you do such?
“Love is not by force, but you even went extra miles to see that the girl I love is dead, why Jenny?
“You are so wicked “he said and looked at Jenny who was now shedding fake tears pretending to be sorry.
“I’m sorry Steve, I did it for love. I love you Steve and I was the first woman that loved you but she came from nowhere and snatched you from me.
“Steve I want you, that’s all I want.
“I’m sorry Jenny. “She’s the one “
Bella is the one that my heart belongs to, she’s my world, my everything my breath.
“I love her with the whole of my heart “
The word was like a sharp knife that tears Jenny heart into pieces, she felt more jealous for Bella than before.
Her mode changed immediately.
She heard the police sirens blowing from afar approaching Steve house, she knew that Steve has finally come to the point of getting her arrested.
She looked at Steve in the eyes and found hatred in it. The siren happens to be near that before, so she was not ready to be caught.
She stood up, took her hand bag, opened it and brought out a pistol point it at Steve.
Steve was out of words, he was trembling.
“Jenny, what’s this? please put down the gun “he said
“I’m sorry Steve, I just have to do it this way. if I don’t have you nobody else will do”she concluded
“Goodbye Steve till me meet that day “she said and pull the trigger releasing two bullets into Steve stomach.
He fell down like s fallen tree, she put back the gun immediately and left.
Getting to her house,she packed all her belongings to travel out of the country. she knew that she will be haunted so she had done everything including her visa to travel out.
Sooner or later, the news started to broadcast of the murder of Steve Williams the only son of Mr Williams.
Hawkers in the street were selling when the street projector switched on displaying what happened in Steve room few minutes ago and how Jenny shot him twice.
Their conversation was well heard.
Citizens of the states that had their TV tune it on and the tragic image displayed as Jenny shot Steve and ran away.
Bella was in his father house when he heard his brother Alex shouting on top of his voice.
“What??? oh no it’s not true “Alex shouted seeing how Jenny shot Steve.
Bella ran down the stairs case to witness what could have made his brother scream like that.
she got to the parlour and saw what happened also, she fainted immediately.
Mr Williams steve father was in s meeting in his office when her secretary ran in to him and whisper to him.
“Sir you need to see this too “she said and switched on the big plasma TV hanging there.
The video displayed boldly of how Jenny had killed Steve, the glass he was holding fell off his hands and broke into pieces.
Mr Williams stood not believing what he saw that the girl he wanted his son to marry is the same girl that murdered his son.
The whole city was transfixed on the happening. both young and old, men and women could be seen watching the news in disbelief.
(And if I may ask, how come what happened in Steve room appeared in the news starting from the beginning?)
The death of Steve became the headline and talk point of every citizen in the state.
Jenny rushed out of the car she take to the airport, brought out her luggages and then proceed to the queue.
She signed everything and her luggages was taken inside.
Just as she wanted to climb in, the cops surrounded her pointing their guns at her.

To be continued

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