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SHE’S THE ONEβ£οΈπŸ’•πŸ’ž

Episode 27

Back to Steve residence, he stood up from the floor and dusted his clothes.
He unbuttoned his shirt and brought out a bullet proof vest that made the bullet not to penetrate his body.


Steve called Jenny and informed her to come around but heard her agreeing to come without arguing, he knew that she was up to something.
He later proceeded to the police station and after narrating everything and what he wanted, they gave him the bullet proof vest.
After leaving the police station, he proceeded to the media broadcasting center, he paid them a high amounts of money for them to come and placed an unseen camera in his room because he knew that Jenny will show up.
Jenny finally did as Steve said even though he didn’t tell him about her intentions.
That was how the whole thing that happened in his room shows publicly on the news.
To make the matter worse, Bella finally wake up and the first person she mentioned was Steve while Alex stood by her telling her that Steve will be fine.
Jenny was arrested to the police cell, and immediately a case of attempted murderer was placed against her in the court of law.
Jenny was hopeless due she knew that her father will stand by her to defend her but not when Steve and his father too is involved.
Bella rushed out of her room dressing casually just to see that Steve was OK and when she got there her fear increased the more as she saw paparazzi everywhere waiting for Steve to come for them to ask about the outcome of this.
Bella pushed them aside struggling to get in to see the love of her life but was restricted by the police officers.
Bella shouted for them to allow her in but it was fruitless. Steve heard her voice from inside and signalled them to allow her in and they did as instructed.
She got in there and saw Steve dressing up to go out, she thought if this is not the same man that was shot dead by Jennifer Adams which boldly displayed on the TV.
She wanted to talk but steve interrupted her with a hot kiss which took her unaware, she had no option than to reciprocate, which was Steve main aim to make her keep quiet for the mean time.

1 month later

Jenny case was still in the court and it was getting worse against her each passing day though her father tried his possible best to make sure that she is not sentenced but Steve and his father team were more stronger than theirs.
She was looking so pale and down casted as the fear of dead come into her mind.
Bella started to felt pity for her because she had a kind heart.
The day goes by and finally the day to settle the issue of Jennifer Adams finally arrived.
Everyone were sitted in the hall and everywhere was so silent that even a drop of pain could be heard.

To be continued….

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