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Episode 28

The hall was as silent as a grave yard. everyone were expecting to hear the final pronouncements from the chief judge.
Bella and Steve sat at the far end watching as Jenny struggled with the tears that was already formed in her eyes.
She wore a black gown facing the crowd that was there waiting for her to be executed.
Alex and Jennifer Anderson was not letting out too, they pitied her but nothing they could do to stop the judge pronouncements.
Bella felt pity for Jenny, though Jenny wanted her death, but she was a woman she felt the pains she was going through.
The judge adjusted his glasses to give the final pronouncement
“According to the law, I now declare that Jennifer Adams is going to face the law by hanging till she gives up”the judge said his final.
“Or is there anyone that has anything to say? he asked the hall was as quiet as a grave yard no one dare to say anything, even her father could not help her.
she looked down and fresh tears began rushing down like a river, even though she knew that she will die but the fact is that she has not been forgiven by Bella and other people she has wronged that was her greatest pain.
“Let’s proceed for her execution outside the court “the chief judge announced
The police officers grab her and loose the handcuffs from her hand.
Bella looked at Steve and discovered that he had a pitied face.
“Wait! Bella shouted on top of her voice which did not only distract the chief judge but everyone there present.
Steve also was surprised to see and hear Bella shouting at them to stop.
They all looked at the direction the voice came from and found Bella running towards Jenny with a long gown.
The police tried to stop her from reaching where she was, but she pushed them aside and embrace Jenny tightly allowing the tears to finally come, even Jenny too knew that she had wronged Bella to the last extent but she was surprised to see Bella now with her.
Everyone watched the two girls as they perform their drama which seems strange to them.
“Young lady ,you can leave her now let’s proceed now with the execution “
“Sorry your honour, I have a confession to make “Bella said and everyone wondered what she had to say.
“Jenny is innocent! she shouted on top of her voice everyone in the hall was surprised Steve was so shocked. Steve, Alex, her father and Jennifer Anderson wondering what’s the cause of her madness.
She looked at where Steve and others sat, she looked at them then averted her eyes.
“Young lady can you tell us what is going on here?
“Your honour, Jennifer Adams is innocent, I only frame her “she said
Everyone in the hall shouted and we’re shocked but Steve was more shocked than others as he thinks about this sudden madness Bella is doing, but finally comes to the understanding that Bella has a fragile heart and she’s trying to save Jenny.
He smiled and wait to hear how she will do it.
“I wanted to see Jenny die because she had a crush on my boyfriend Steve “
I went in to pay someone to look as Jenny and wearing Jenny face to look as if she’s behind it.
I really wanted her death because I hated her with all my heart.
The hall went entirely quite to hear the young lady out.


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