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Bella gave them the punishment of their lives until evening came. Steve and Alex were sweating profusely looking weak and tired.
She finally released them to go which they did in a hurry.
“See what you have caused now? I told you not to come but see what you got me into “Alex complained.
“Don’t worry “
“Let’s get out of here before she even Kill us”alex said.
They walked into the streets, enter their car and zoom off.
Steve got to the house and head to his room feeling too tired. on getting to his room, he slum on his bed and took off his jacket and then head to the bathroom. he overheard his dad talking to someone on phone
“You mean you’ve found where she lives? Mr Williams ask.
“Yes sir,”the person replied on the other end.
“Then get her here for me “he ordered
“OK sir we will “
Daniel was so scared at that moment, he didn’t want anything to happen to her. he walk up and down thinking of the possible solution.
An idea finally hit his head, he took his car key and ran out of the building.
He was lucky that he got there earlier before his father men arrived. he knocked on the door and Bella opened up with her weapon.
He didn’t wait for her to say anything. he rushed inside the house and lock the door behind. he kissed Bella deeply on the lips which made her so surprised.
Bella slapped him, wondering what could have made him do such. he rubbed his cheek feeling the hot slap.
“We have to leave this place now” he said
“Where to? and why should I run? she questioned.
“Don’t question me, “he said and drag her behind. just as they were about to get near the door. they heard a loud bang on the door.
“I said it, they are even here “
“Who are you referring to? she asked
“My father’s men, let’s get out of here” Steve said
“No I’m not leaving this place “she said authoritatively.
Steve was so shocked to see her not afraid of what is to befall them.
She went and forcefully open the door, revealing the men outside the compound. they were ten in number all of them wearing black to black.
“Take me” she said
And they were all surprised wondering who could have told her why they were there. without thinking twice, they took her and put in the car and zoom off while Steve was still in her room.
Bella kneel before Mr Williams and he was fuming in anger. the men surrounded them and made her to kneel down by force.
“How dare you touch my son? he asked
She kept quiet without saying anything and Mr Williams was so annoyed, he stood up from where she sat and gave her a hot slap which sounded like that of a thunder strike.
She held her cheek rubbing it gently without showing whether the slap was painful . Mr Williams was surprised likewise the guards.
“You want to prove stubborn? he asked and raise up his hand to slap her.
“Enough of this dad” Steve voice sounded from the door and they all turn to his direction and saw him coming inside with an angry look.
“What is the meaning of this dad? he questioned him
“You have the guts now to talk boldly to me, asking me stupid questions? he asked him
“Dad you have to stop this, it was my fault that she hit me not her fault “he intervened
“I don’t care whether it was her fault or her, but no one I repeat no one can lay hand on my family member and go Scot free “he said
“Then watch me dad”he walked to where Bella kneel down. he took her hand and make her to stand up.
“What do you think you are doing “? Mr Williams ask
“To make her go home of course “
“You must be insane. guards get her for me. he commanded
“Any move from any of you to this place, then you will pay for it “.
The guards stop, and looked back at Mr Williams in the eyes that says can we proceed?
“What are you waiting for? go get her.
They walked further, and Steve positioned himself well pretending as nothing wants to happen.
One of them finally grab Bella on the wrist and Steve gave him a punch on the nose and blood started crushing out. making him to sneeze.
” I warned you but you didn’t listen “he said
“So son, you now have the right to question my order? let’s see the end of this. ” he said and left the place angrily.
The men left one by one leaving on Bella and Steve in the parlour. Steve looked at Bella with deep affection in his eyes. he hold Bella tight and hug her.
“It’s okay dear, don’t worry am here for you ” he consoled which she nodded positively.
“Come here, let’s go to some where cool and nice. he left the place with Bella in his car.
Steve finally parked his car in the coffee shop parking lot. he smiled at Bella remembering the first time they met here. she smiled back.
They got down from. the car and headed inside.
Everyone that saw them, said them to be couple because of the way they were behaving.
They entered and almost everyone bowed to them both. which Bella smiled feeling like a queen.
They got to see table and sat down. they placed an order which was offered to them within a twinkle of an eye.
To be continued.

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