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Episode 8
People that knows Steve to be a man of class were surprised to see him a commoner.
They sat there enjoying themselves, Bella was a little bit uncomfortable because of so many eyes they were fixed on her.
Steve noticed that she was uncomfortable, he observed her from the corner of his eyes and noticed how bored the place was to her.
“Are you okay here? he questioned
“no I’m not”
“Let’s go to somewhere cool and nice” Steve announced
She nodded her head and rush the drink that was before her and they stood up. people were busy taking their pictures while some had already concluded that they were couples.
Steve got his car, opened the car for her to enter. she smiled and entered the car like a queen. Steve entered the driver seat and set the car in motion.
Bella was so dull and moody in the car, she was looking down like a child who was shy. Steve noticed it and smiled without his face leaving the busy road .
They finally got to the beach and the water was overflowing it’s bank. Bella was surprised, she didn’t have any idea that he was taking her to the beach.
The atmosphere was so wonderful as the cool breeze blow and carried her gown in an awesome way which exposed her a little.
Deep down inside she felt something for Steve but was afraid to let come into his heart, thinking that he may end up breaking her heart.
They got to the bank of the river.
“Let’s sit down here “Steve Said pointing his finger to a small but beautiful rock near the water.
They sat down in a way that they were facing each other. Bella looked down feeling shy because Steve eyes were all over her.
“Please can you stop feeding your eyes on me? she said playfully
Steve chuckle and finally let out a loud laugh. she didn’t know when she joined Steve and laugh too. they stop laughing at the same time making silence to take over the atmosphere.
“Why did you bring me here” Bella questioned feeling her heart beat
“Because we needed somewhere cool”
“is that all?
Steve nodded his head knowing very well that that’s not the main reason he took her there.
“OK,. Bella said looking at the water as it flows and overflowing it’s bank.
She took some stones and started throwing inside the water and the kept making a splash sound anytime the stone drops.
Steve joined her in the same act.
“Sometimes you know,life does not really gives us what we want “Steve said bringing back her attention.
Bella thought about why he said this to her but found no answer to it.
“have I told you before that you are beautiful?
she smiled and faced the ground playing with the sand.
“Thanks for the compliment “she finally found her voice
“Can you tell me about yourself?
just then her mode change to a sad mode and Steve noticed it.
“Am sorry I didn’t mean to bring back sad memories “he apologized
“it’s OK I’m fine” she said and flashed him an angelic smile exposing her gap teeth.
“Can I ask you something? she asked
“Yes go ahead
“Why did you kissed me the other day?
Steve was stunned by the question because he wasn’t ready for the question. instead of him to answer her. He leaned closer to her and Bella found herself leaning to him too until their wet lips finally meet with each other.
Steve kissed her and this time around she reciprocate enjoying the kiss. they kissed passionately, licking each other tongue and Bella was enjoying the moment. just then reality her and she knows that this is not right. she broke from the kiss.
Steve smiled.
“Do you still want to know the answer to your question? he asked
she nodded her head positively.
“the reason is that I l…………
he was interrupted by a distance gun shot. they looked at the direction and saw ten men in black wearing mask covering their faces walking to them.
They were all scared, but Bella was a bit strong than Steve.
They surrounded them.
with fear Steve spoke out
“What do you want from me? he asked
Instead of them to answer, three of them walked towards Bella, grab her then carry her high up.
Bella struggle to free herself but they were much stronger than her. she shouted for help but none came. she looked back just to see Steve on the floor with blood rushing from his mouth and he was unconscious.
“Steve!!! she shouted and the men covered her nose with a white handkerchief and everything went blind.
they put in a long car and zoom off
To be continued.

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