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Steve was restless on the street thinking that Bella will just pass by as usual but she was nowhere to be found.
Meanwhile the men his father sent to go and look for Bella and bring her to him are also busy walking down the street since they don’t know her location. they split into groups going different ways in search of Bella.
Alex just arrived where Steve directed him and found him restless pacing up and down like someone who the wife is in labour. he stepped out of his car and approached him.
“Fire on the mountain “Sateve said immediately after Alex catch up with him.
“And what could be the fire” Alex returned the question.
“My dad has found out about the girl, I don’t know who could have done that because they sent the video of what happened to him”
“And is that why you are restless “Alex questioned him
Steve looked at him in the he eyes that says don’t be stupid.
“You wanted revenge, and now is the chance to do it”
“Not when my dad is involved, you know what the old man is capable of doing. you better start that car let’s start searching for her now before they found her”
“Wait,which they are you referring to?
“Of course my dad men, they are looking for her too to take to my dad.
Hearing that, Alex hop into his car and set the car in motion not knowing where to go.
“To the coffee shop first “Alex said knowing that she could be there looking for peoples trouble.
“I wonder what this girl is turning you into, look at you. for the past two days you have not go to work. I hope it’s not what I’m thinking ooo.
“Boy, concentrate on the road stop thinking rubbish “
They finally got to the coffee shop but she was not there.
They started the journey afresh hoping to see her on the road but didn’t.
Meanwhile Bella in the other hand could be seen in the kitchen preparing fried rice and the aroma filled the environment. she smiled to the scent of her food.
she scoop the food to her room, placed it on the table and crossed her legs ready to eat.
Alex and Steve was already tired of driving around the whole city hoping to see her but it was a useless idea
“What could this mean? I left my work in the office and start searching for s lost goat with a car? this is madness ” Alex said felling tired.
“Sorry bro it will soon be over and you will get back to work soon.
Alex knew Steve very well that he can’t back off until he acquire what he wants. so he sighed and continue driving.
“Look, drive straight to that place “he said pointing his finger to s small street where he saw s written post
“And you think, that’s where she is?
“Just go.
They arrived the place.
“TROUBLE FOR SALE ” reads the post.
“Please ma’am excuse me”steve said to a woman who was selling orange there.
“How may I be of help? said the woman
“Please where can I see this trouble for sale”?he asked and the woman stair at him in awe.
“Are you sure you want to go there?
“Am ready ma’am
“The girl is so troublesome and nobody has ever gone there.
Steve looked at Alex in a way that says “that’s her.
The woman finally directed them, and on getting to where the woman directed them. they knocked softly on the door.
Bella was in her room dressing up when she heard the knock. she knew that she had no friends and nobody had ever visited her. except the person is looking for trouble as she wrote.
She entered the kitchen,open the cupboard where she stores her stones.she took some and then close it back.
She pick up a broom, and also s mob knowing very well that the person at the door is looking for trouble .
She stood inside listening again to be sure the knock is from her door. the knock sounded again and went for it.
She grabbed the door knob, twisted it down and it cracked open. not after bringing out everything.
She was surprised to see Alex and Co. she immediately brought out her weapon ready to strike.
“Wo wo wo, we didn’t came to fight you please drop the thing down “Steve said
“Didn’t you see clearly what was written on the post? that’s what I give to people.
“Just calm down first “
She finally dropped her weapon down and turned her back on them.
“How do you know that I’m the one selling trouble “?she asked backing them.
“I know what you are capable of” Steve replied meanwhile Alex had been standing there like a dumb.
“What do you want from me?
“Won’t you let us in? we have spent 5 hours looking for you and you are keeping us outside.
Hearing that, Bella smiled.
“You can’t enter my house, I don’t trust rich people they can steal” she said looking very serious.
“OK we will stand here.
seeing how Steve looked sobber, she gave way for them to enter.
Alex looked at Steve and signalled him to enter first which he refused and told Alex to go in first.
She was enjoying the drama the two friends performaned
“Don’t be scared I won’t harm you.
Alex looked at where she kept the broom and other things before he finally made his way in followed by Steve. when they had finally entered ,she banged the door forcefully and lock it from inside.
“You see what I told you? Alex shouted at Steve feeling his legs weak.
Bella picked up her weapon and started walking to them.
Steve and Alex run like mad dogs in the room not knowing where to go.
“Will you come out from my room, I was not after you “
They came out and she offered them sit which they reluctantly sit. wondering what could bring them to her house she asked.
“What brought you to the trouble seller house “she asked
Hearing that Steve smiled including Alex who could not help but to chuckle.
Steve had already started liking her already.
Steve explained everything to her and why they were looking for her.
Hearing she looked alarmed and asked them to wait for her.
She walked to her kitchen again.
“Let’s run out of here she will kill us first before your father do”alex whispered to him.
Just them she emerged from the kitchen with s cutlass and s spoon.
“You see what I told you!!! Alex shouted feeling his heart beat. he stood up including Steve.
“Your father wants to teach me some lesson but before that let me first teach his son s lesson. “
“Kneel down both of you!! she commanded
Alex was visibly shaking.
They obediently did.
“Now crawl down here “she said pointing to the stones she set up.
“What? they chorused.

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