Apostle Suleman and Joshua Iginla buying private jets were publicity stunt ~Charles Awuzie

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A Nigerian man identified as Charles Awuzie has revealed that the private jets bought by Apostle Suleman and Joshua Iginla were just publicity stunt.

Last month, Apostle Suleman launched a private jet to the disbelieve of many untill a branch of his church in Dubai confirmed it. Just yesterday, he received the gift of a helicopter from an unnamed source.

Following suit is Prophet Joshua Iginla who announced that he has bought himself a private jet on his birthday. According to him, the jet will help his ministry as he’s sometimes needed in more than two countries in a day.

However, Charles Awuzie believes it’s all a publicity stunt. According to him , they need to prove that they bought the private jet with their cash.

‘I challenge Joshua Iginla and Johnson Suleman to prove that they bought a new private Jet with their Cash as they made the public to believe and I will show my proof that they were only pulling a publicity stunt which worked in Nigeria, because Nigeria is a lazy country where nobody takes responsibility for thorough investigation of any claim’ he wrote.

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