Exposed: Nigerians Should Not Collect Rice From Federal Government

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Whoever is aware of the current ongoings in the country would really feel sorry most especially for the vulnerable and less privileged as a result of the total lockdown in most places across the country.

While this might have been a measure by the federal government to control the covid-19 pandemic it is worsened by the fact that no palliatives were put in place with, no provisions were made for the welfare of Nigerians who are mostly poor people.

As a result of this the Federal government of Nigeria has decided to distribute 150 trucks of seized rice to Nigerians in all states across the country

however I wish to tell you that it might not be safe to collect any Rice from the federal government because of the following reasons :

* The said rice was seized because it was said to be substandard and expired and not fit for consumption, so why should the Federal government distribute that type of food material to we Nigerians.

* The said rice has spent a long time in the custody of the Nigerian customs services and so must have even been contaminated the more and expired the more, given that it might not have been properly stored.

If the government truly wishes to help then they should purchase home grown rice or buy standard non-expired imported rice and disltribute to Nigerians instead of this seized smuggled Rice.

What’s your view about this? feel free to comment.

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