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Episode 16

Jenifer herself was tired of waiting for someone that does not love her back.
She planned on how to stop the mess that her father got her into with Steve.
Steve set the car in motion and drove straight to the coffee shop to take some coffee and forget his thoughts.
He sat down and ordered for a cup of coffee which was brought to him in Jify.
Bella emerged from the door with her friend Angela who came to buy somethings.
Steve was so engrossed with the coffee that he didn’t even look back.
Bella also didn’t know that Steve was in the room also.
Immediately Bella and her friend left, Steve ztood up and paid his bills and then left for the car garage to take his car.
He noticed someone’s from afar walking out of the coffee shop and she resembled Bella so much.
He entered the car and drove towards their direction.
Bella had already wave down a taxi who stop and carried them.
Steve got to where she saw Bella walking but it was too late because she was nowhere to be found again.
,”Or am I hallucinating again? he asked himself without getting any response.
He dialed the number but it was still switched off.
He entered his car and zoom off to the beach because that’s where he normally goes whenever he’s heart broken.
On getting there he stood at the river bank watching how it over flows it bank .
There was a lady standing at the far end of the other side throwing flowers into the flower and shedding tears at the same time.
Steve wondered what is wrong with her, he walked down to her without looking at her in the face nor her too looking up.
“Hi, “he said looking down
“Hi “she replied not looking up
“Why are you throwing flowers into the water? Steve asked
“It reminds me of my family, I missed them when I was just four years “she said
Steve felt pity for her for going through such pain.
“What about you, what are you doing here “she asked
“I’m heart broken, the girl I loved set me on a test but I failed it and she’s nowhere to be found “
“I miss her right now so very much “she said just then Bella looked up seeing it was Steve
“What? they shouted in unison.
Bella tried to run but Steve was so fast to caught her on the waist which she turned facing Steve in a lovely way.
“So it’s really you Bella? I’ve been searching everywhere for you “he said
“I’m sorry leave my life alone, why disturbing me?
“How could you trust a barely known stranger like me than your best friend? Bella said
“No it’s not like that, I only wanted to……
Steve was out of words looking for the right to describe it but nothing came into his head.
“I’m leaving “she said and started walking away
Steve ran to her and in the process end up colliding with her and they both fell to the floor.
Steve faced her but she was not smiling.
“Please Bella, I beg of you just give me a chance I promise you won’t regret it “he said looking sober and Bella looked away not to be affected by his pleading and lovely eyes.
“I can’t Steve, I will only be a burden to you because I don’t have a family and I will end up disgracing you in public because I’m a doom poor girl “she said
“You are the most beautiful and adorable woman I’ve ever seen in my life.
“Please my queen don’t say no.
He stood up and kneel before her which she shook her head negatively.
“Okay fine, but if I accept you now you are dead because my behavior won’t stop ooo”
“Even as rich as you are I will still disgrace you “she said
“Is that a yes?
“Have you accepted my offer? he asked smiling.
Bella shook his head positively in a yes gesture and Steve immediately stood up and tried to hug which she end up biting Steve ear on the process.
“What? steve asked Narr his brows
“That’s for trying to hug me “she said and Steve chuckle
“And what If I try to hug you that means MT head would have been used for sauce “he said jokingly and Bella end up laughing real hard.
They end up discussing issues and Bella grew fond of him starting to love him too because of his funny attitude and behavior.
After which they left the beach, Steve drop her off after promising her that he will be coming from time to time to check on her.
She got down from the car and start walking away.
“Not even a thank you? Steve asked
“I told you but you wouldn’t listen, you told me that you will tolerate me so you better start now “she said and entered her house and then wake at him.
Steve got to the house feeling and looking more happy and excited than before and his father noticed it.
it’s the day he has been waiting for, it was fully come to manifestion .
“Good afternoon dad, “he greeted smiling
Mr Williams wondered the outcome of the sudden change and happiness .
“Yeah good afternoon boy, why being so happy? he asked
“Dad, it has happened
“I’ve found my missing rib, the one I want to marry “he said
“Wow, that’s wonderful I hope she’s from a high class and wealthy family too not some poor cheap girls “he said
“Dad she’s good I love her the way she is.
“Wait ooo what about Jenifer the one I brought for you my son.
“She fits you so well or don’t you like her at all? he asked smiling
,”you are right dad, I don’t love her even a single beat “he said
“Hmm I wonder how she will feel after everything that happened. “
“Anywhere I will explain to her myself “
Steve got to the house, he jumped on his bed feeling so excited and that was when she discovered that Bella got no phone and its not safe for her inxase of emergency.
He dialed Alex number for five times but the phone rang without any response.

To be continued.

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