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Episode 18
2 weeks later, Steve had already bought a new house for Bella to stay leaving the old house.
Bella new house was so beautiful than the former one, it was a story building without fence in it.
The news about Steve and Bella dating had already gone viral flying from one place to another.
Jenny heard the news about who Steve is dating, she was over jealous because she always wanted Steve to herself alone.
She had a crush on Steve since their childhood days and prayer that Steve became her hero but here she is leaving the opportunity to a total stranger she does not even know.
“Never, will this happen, Steve is mine and I must have him for my self alone “she said and stood up leaving the house.
Mr Williams Steve father heard the news too about Steve new girlfriend including Sandra too Steve Ex girlfriend.
Mr Williams didn’t worry but prayed in his for the girl to be a girl of high class not a low class girl not knowing that it’s still the same girl she wanted dead few months ago.
Bella sat in her new expensively new house crossing her legs on the table enjoying herself.
She just ended the call with Steve few minutes ago which Steve told her that he will be there in 30 minutes.
Bella stood after emptying her glass of wine , she was only wearing panties because she lived alone without anyone living with her.
She walked to the mirror and looked at herself examined how beautiful she was, she let her hair off which dangle down her waist.
Her butt was visibly shown and her waist bead were still in her waist remembering her of her childhood days and her family.
Steve entered the house without her seeing him, she was busy with what she was doing.
Steve tip toed to where she was and tickle her in the waist which startled her, she shouted and turned back to see Steve laughing out so hard.
“You scared the hell out of me “Bella said
Steve walked to her and kissed her on the lips which she reciprocate and it was out of hand, Steve was now funding her breast which she let out a soft moan and held Steve tight.
She closed her eyes praying for Steve never to stop but Steve wasn’t ready for that.
Steve disengaged from her grib and seeing the sad expression on her face he smiled.
“I refuse to be tempted young lady “he said jokingly and Bella smiled
“Don’t worry a time will come that you will fall into this temptation and won’t escape it “Bella said almost hitting him in the shoulder and they both end up laughing.
Bella and Steve had a good time discussing about their social life and Steve got to know that Bella lost her family at the age of four.
After telling Steve her story of how she got lost, Steve now came to the conclusion that she did all what she been doing for a purpose.
Bella was not her real name, she changed it due to how things became complicated to her, her real name was Dyna Charles, and she told Steve that they were twins a boy and her.
Steve began to love her the more, and knowing the full truth about her he gave her his full trust.
Steve promised Bella that she won’t regret loving him and she only nod her head in agreement.
Steve decided to spend the night with her in the house which was the most romantic idea than ever.
Jenny had came up with a plan already to execute Bella so as to take her place as Steve girlfriend but the problem was that she has not known her before and she has not set her eyes in her before.
“I think I know what to do “she concluded and they changed into her night wears and then jump in her bed and doze off.
Alex on the other hand had been fighting with his conscience, his conscience has been telling him that it’s the right time he finds himself a wife but she was not ready for it and most of all he has not find her type of woman yet this making the whole situation more complicated than before.
He finally cover himself with the duvet and slept off.

Next day

Steve took his leave early in the morning after beading her goodbye with a kiss and brief hug.
He got to his house, tooth his bath and changed his clothes into something matured.
He was looking more classic than before, he took his phone and briefcase and left heading to the garage.
The gate fling open and Jenny walked inside looking so hot and sexy.
She walked into the compound after packing her car outside, Steve wondered what she wants at this early hour of the day.
“Maybe she’s looking for my dad “he concluded and entered his car and wind up the glass.
Jenny walked to him and knocked on his car window and he wins it down.
“Good morning “Jenny greeted smiling
“Yes good morning, I told you to stay away from me, I can’t love and I won’t love you “he replied angrily and it hurts her deeply but she had to pretend as act fast before she got caught.
“I know and that’s the reason why I’m here “
“How? I don’t understand “Steve said
“I’ve decided to leave your life alone “
Steve smiled and then looked at her to know whether she’s telling the truth
“Can I know her? I mean the lucky girl ?
“Why not if you want to?
“You are welcome, I’m sorry to treat you that way but you need to understand me “Steve voiced out
Jenny nod her head in agreement, deep inside she was happy that Steve falling into her traps slowly thus making her her to smile inside.
“I think I have to take my leave now, but let me have your contact so as to have some good talks with each other “Jenny said and handed her phone to him and he pinched his number in her phone and handed it back to her.
“Thanks, I will call you “she said and cat walk seductively back to her car and zoom off.
Steve arrived his work place after a whole 5 months he has not step his feet in there, everyone bowed to him as he emerged, he took the elevator to the last building which had only his office in it.
He open it and it was still intact how he left it, he smiled and sat down.
He has even started missing Bella already, he put a call to her and she pick up which their conversation lasted for ten minutes.
He end up the call and another call entered which was from an unknown number, he picked it and placed it on. his eyes.
“Hi Steve it’s me Jenny “
“OK Jenny, I’m at work now I will call you back “
“Okay that’s my number I just wanted you to save my number “
“Okay then I will ” Steve said and ended the call.
Alex left the house also in his car heading to his office when he came across a beautiful damsel with small eyes, narrow face and pointed nose.
Reality struck him that this is the type of woman he has been waiting for, he stopped the car and step down looking so handsome in his dress.
“Hey miss “Alex called and she turned back looking at Alex.
She walked down to Alex and stood opposite him with a pair of glasses on her eyes.
“You look extremely beautiful”
“Thanks for the compliment ‘she replied smiling
“Can we hang out together? Alex asked
“Sure, why not? she replied after an after thought
“Let me have your number “Alex requested
She pinched her number into his phone and handed it to him.
“Oh I’m sorry for my manners that I didn’t ask for your name “
“Please what’s your name?
“I’m Jennifer by name “she replied
“I’m Alex Charles
“Nice meeting you “he said to her
“Same here handsome “she said smiling
“I will call you later, I gotta go now “Alex said
“Fine, have a nice day “she wave at him and he drove away smiling that he has finally gotten himself one pretty angel.
To be continued

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