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Final Episode (30)
Camera light flashes at Steve and Bella as they walked inside the church auditorium filled with people holding hands together.
Steve was wearing a pair of suit while Bella was wearing a long white gown.
Behold it was the day they have been waiting for to come, their wedding day between Bella Charles and Steven Williams.
All stood up and gave them a standing ovation with thunderous claps as they emerged the altar with their fellow entourage following them.
immediately they sat down, the church stood up again making the house hot with a loud clap welcoming Alex Charles and Jennifer Anderson into the house too.
Alex and Steve planned to do their wedding in the same day to show how much they value their friendship.
it was really good looking as the two friends got married the sane day.
The church was well decorated with many colors and nobody wanted to miss this great especially to those of the people that was there the first time Bella threw stones at Steve.
The priest finally walked to the altar.
Alex and Jenny sat opposite Steve and Bella and both team couldn’t help than to keep smiling.
Jennifer Adams was there, Mr Williams and all other people including Mr Charles.
Jennifer was now Robert close friend, they were getting along with each other and Robert also showed her the love that she has been trying to force herself on Steve.
Robert also love Jenny but he didn’t propose yet to her.
Everyone in the church was excited to see the two couples especially Steve and Bella being joined together as husband and wife.
The priest asked them to stand up which they did and they exchanged the marital vows to each other.
After everything was done, the priest closed back his Bible.
“You may now kiss your bride “he announced .
Steve unveil Bella and kissed her which she reciprocate very tenderly as if Steve will disappear.
Bella finally broke the kiss and then whispered to Steve
“Do you know that my dad is watching you? Bella said
Everyone there laughed out loud because her voice was loud and clear to everyone hearing.
Jenny smiled at their childish behavior, just then Robert pinch her.
She turned just to meet a sparkling ring in Robert’s finger stairing at her, she couldnt believe her eyes though she love Robert but she didn’t expect it to be this fast.
Robert kneel down before her inside the church which gain people attention to them, camera lights were now flashing on the both of them as Jenny was do shocked covering her mouth with her hands.
“Jennifer Adams, will you marry me?
“Yes, yes Robert I will marry you “she replied and hug Robert.
He slipped the ring into her finger and then stood up.
The wedding was finally brought to an end as the news of Steve wedding went viral even in the news.
everyone who knew how Bella and Steve were at first couldn’t believe that “SHE’S THE ONE “that Steve will finally marry.
Yes and yes “SHE’S THE ONE “that captured Steve heart.


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