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Episode 29

Steve watched as words kept flowing out of Bella mouth as endless.
He wondered where Bella got such boldness from, to lied before the chief judge because all what she said was lie and it was only steve that knew that.
“Your honour, I wish for the release of this innocent woman Jenifer “she said and looked at Steve who nod his head negatively.
The chief judge was out of words and what to do thus he drop down his face and start thinking on how to solve this issue. Everything in the house was so silent likewise Alex and Mr Charles their father.
Alex father could not behold what he was saying for Bella to drag his name oon the mud as Bella lied.
He stood up angrily, but Alex held him and whispered to his ears which made her calm down a little bit.
The chief judge paid a listening to Bella likewise everybody in the hall.
“So your honour, I want to say once again that Jennifer Adams is innocent “she said and looked directly into the judge eyes.
The judge was thinking on how to decide the situation at hand and how to solve it, he finally had an answer to it and then he looked up.
“It seems you are trying to defend her “he said
“No sir, but that’s the truth am only saying “
“For that, the both of you will not be killed but you will be sentenced to 5 years imprisonment without labour “he said and was about to hit the table for the confirmation of what he just said.
Mr Williams stood up followed by Mr Charles, Alex, Jennifer, Steve and then walked outside to where Bella stood with Jennifer and stood with her.
Everyone were surprised to see the drama that is happening there because it has never happened before.
The chief judge himself didn’t know how to describe this situation too, so he kept watching to see what their next step will be.
“If you want to sentenced the both of them to prison because of the truth she told you, then I will join her in prison “Mr Charles said.
“Me too “Alex said and step forward
Mr Williams did same and all who stood there with bells did same.
Bella joy knew no bound as she watched her family defending her even if they knew it was not the truth.
After some minutes of silent, the chief judge finally said something.
“As it is now, I hereby announce for the release of the culprit for now until further investigations is carried out to prove their truth “he said and then dismissed everyone.
Jennifer Adams didn’t know what else to do as she was filled with Shame that the lady she wanted death is now the one defending her, what a kind heart.
She fall on her knees and held Bella crying seriously for forgiveness, they all felt that she’s really sorry for her pass action.
Bella drew her up and then embrace her, she did the same to others and they forgive her.
She walked to Steve and then looked at him with a pleading eyes.
“Steve, it’s because of the love that I have for you that make me turns into a beast, please find it in your heart and forgive me for trying to separate the both of you “she said.
Steve drag her up and then cleaned her eyes, then embrace her.
They left the auditorium with her.

1 month later.

Jennifer Adams is now a changed person, she is now living a peaceful life without any man of her own.
Bella was sitting in her house when her door bell rang, she knew that it was no other person than Steve who was there, so she ran and opened the door,but she was surprised that nobody was there.
She looked around to be sure that she’s not hallucinating but still nobody was there so she went in again.
The bell came again, she started to feel scared whether the house is haunted or what, she contemplate whether to open the door or not, she finally went and opened the door but still nobody was there.
Her fear increased, she turned back immediately to go inside and she collide with Steve who came out of his hiding place.
She screamed on top of her voice because she was really scared but only to find Steve kneeling down before her and then he brought out a shining box and then open it to reveal a ring inside of it.
She didn’t want the sooth Sayer to tell her anything, she knew the meaning of that already, so she was stunned she only covered her mouth with her hands.
“My love, I’ve searched everywhere for this love I couldn’t find it, but I finally found it in your arms and everything about you is unique.
So please Dyna Charles will you be the mother of my Unborn children?
Bella was over excited, she jumped up on him thus making him to fall on the ground.
“Yes, yes Steve Williams I will marry you ” she replied and that was when she heard people clapping from nowhere she looked back to see her father, Alex and the Two Jennifer clapping and smiling at her.
She was over excited to see her self being Steve wife and no more hindrance.
Alex left almost immediately, on getting to the main road he cleared the car and then brought out his phone and then texted his girlfriend Jennifer Anderson with a strange number she does not have.
Jenny phone beep showing that there’s a message, she opened it and read it she almost fainted because of the content of the message .
it reads “I hope this is Jennifer Anderson, you better come now to The real garden because there’s a woman trying to steal your man, if you do not hurry then consider your man gone “
she gasped after reading it ,she was really scared of loosing Alex so Steve asked her what the matter was, she showed Jennifer and Bella the text which made them to almost screamed.
She showed it to steve lastly, he read the message and then smiled because he knew Alex more than any of them, and that’s Alex way of gaining a woman attention.
Jennifer finally got the address she was given ,she walked into the garden, it was really beautiful and full of dry death leaves on the ground but it added to the garden beauty.
She searched but couldn’t find Alex, just as she wanted to give up she looked at an angle and saw Alex leaning on a tree alone, she walked to him to confirm whether what the message said was the truth.
She finally got there and then stood akimbo facing Alex.
“Can you tell me what is the meaning of……
She didn’t complete her statement as Alex showed her an expensive ring which was the reason he had to trick her for her to come all the way to that place.
Jenny didn’t understand it, it was like a drama to her that she’s being proposed to the same day with Bella,she ran and hug him tightly and then agree to marry Alex.
He slipped the ring into her finger and then hug her again, there came rapturous sound clap emerging from a distance and they look up to find Steve and his team who came to witness this great event.
Jennifer Adams was now living in her house with a changed life, she was fully dressed to go out.
She stepped out and she was more like a queen, she entered her car and zoom off.
On getting to golden gates restaurant, she stopped her car and stepped down walking inside, mistakenly she collide with someone coming out too, just as she wanted to fall down, the guy grab her on her waist and then lifted her up.
“sorry for that “they both said at the same time and Robert smiled
Robert is s business tycoon who came to pick some things for his business trip in Canada.
“Hi I’m Robert “he said and stretched his hand to her
“Hi I’m Jennifer Adams “she replied and accept the hand.
Just then Robert expression changed immediately, he was now looking deep into her eyes.
“You say your name is what? he asked again
“I’m Jennifer Adams, she replied “
Robert immediately shook her hands off in an angry way and then stood there watching her.
Jenny already had started feeling embarrassed.
To be continued

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