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Steve father was boiling in anger. for the past minutes he has been asking Steve what happened to his head but he didn’t give him a single reply.
“You are now a stamara abi? pray I don’t find the person that did this to you because if I do,you know what I’m capable of “.he concluded and left in furry.
Steve sigh and headed to his room where he collapsed on the bed, though the pain had reduced.
Alex on the other tried calling Steve to hear from him but network always give him negative results. he threw his phone on the bed and collapsed on it without hesitation he doze off into a deep sleep.
Mr Williams had already prepared to go out and attain to his business men. he was done.he took his briefcase and the guard that stood by him collected it and they headed outside. they opened the door for him, he hop in. the engine was onn and they zoomed off while the huge black gate opened by itself after the security man pressing a remote.
They were still driving when a message entered his phone. the green light showed and he opened it. what he saw almost make him go wild at the moment.It was the picture of Bella throwing stones at his son Steve. and the message reads.
“You don’t know how to train your child, now look at how foolish you are to allow him drag your name in the mud. “
Mr Williams anger knew no bound, it could be seen in his eyes.
“To the house now! he commanded the driver.
“OK sir.
He turned around and headed back to Williams house.
“And increase the speed to 90km “
The driver did as he was instructed. in less than 30 minutes they were back to the house of Williams.
Without waiting for the guards to open the door for him, he opened it by himself and headed straight to the parlour while the huge class door the gives beauty to the house opened by itself.
“Steve! Steve! where are you come down here “he shouted in anger.
Anyone who hear his voice will know that anger is eating him up.
Steve who was sleeping heard his name being called twice. he stood up from the bed and headed downstairs. his eyes caught with father which was already red in colour. he knew that he was in a big mess because his father always behave that way when he misbehave.
“Steve, can you tell me the meaning of this “?he questioned and gave Steve the phone.
Steve was stunned at what he saw. who could have snap them the picture or could it be that Bella plan this all? all this thought was running through his mind.
“Now I ask, who is she to you?
“Dad I told you before I can handle this calm down “
“you can handle what? how dare you say that in my presence “
“Dad I’m sorry but just let me explain. it was a mistake, she didn’t plan to hit me but the stone mistakenly came to my direction “he lied
Steve was confused at the moment because he really needed revenge on what Bella did to him. but now look at him lying to his father and trying to cover Bella up. what is wrong with me? he asked no one in particular and hit his hand on the wall.
Mr Williams phone beep again. he looked at the phone and realized that it is a video message. so he opened it, to his surprise it is the video that showed everything that happened between Bella and Steve.
His mode changed and he faced Steve after watching the video.
“How dare you lie to me son? Now look who ever she thinks she is, I must show her that I’m Mr Williams” he said in anger.
Steve knew who his father is, and what he is capable of doing.
“Get me this girl now”Mr Williams ordered his men who bowed before him and left with the picture of Bella.
“And don’t come back here if you don’t come back with her”he added
Steve rushed into his room, changed into a casual clothe and rushed downstairs with his car key making some rattling noise.
“And where do you think you are going “?Mr Williams asked
Steve didn’t answer but rather rushed out of the house. he entered his car and zoom off. too bad that he doesn’t even know her name talkless of knowing where she lives. that got him confused and he hit the cat steering so hard.
He was tired of driving for hours without seeing or knowing where Bella lives. he parked his car on the road and dial Alex number and he picked on the first beep.
“Hey dude how are you doing “
“Am good and you?
“No time for question now, come to barracks lane by the equalizer studio you will see me now “
Alex knew from the sound of his voice that all was not well so he stood up and locked his office heading to where Steve told him earlier.
To be continued………

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